• I have been in the procces of putting together a scrolling shooter RPG that involves Peashooter. Today I was going to get a sprite for when the pea hits something, but then I noticed I didn't have the updated levelcommon texture. I checked the Pea's article and the updated texture isn't there. It still has the one from when TextureUnpacker was first introduced. That's over a year and a half ago. Just notifying that we need to update that picture.

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    • I really would do it myself but IDEFK how to use QuickBMS and I don't feel like scrolling for hours to find the texture manually in the 5.9 stuff.

      EDT: oh cool I got highlighted lol

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    • Did you HAVE to Highlight this?

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    • Zombiecrab wrote:
      Did you HAVE to Highlight this?

      Well, I mean, it IS kind of important that the wiki be up to date. This also includes plant textures.

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    • I unpacked the texture myself, here it is.

      Levelcommon in 5.8

      In uploading this through the comment editor, I overwrote the version we had, no need to edit the Pea article.
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    • However, not every special plant projectile texture is featured in the Levelcommon. Fire Peashooter, Snow Pea, Melons, etc are still not updated.

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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