• Marcia Aeris
    Marcia Aeris closed this thread because:
    16:11, May 20, 2016
    tell me what you think about the cactus in PVZ:GW

    personly One of my favs so far

    also tell me the stats and things about other plants and zombies please i'd really like to get into this.

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    • This should be in the PvZ: GW.

      I actually don't have the game because of its exclusivity. (Pc coming on June 30). :(

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    • if your talking about the cactus it is in PvZ:GW

      i'm just posting to see what the public think and their opinions on other plants and zombies

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    • I'm saying that this should be in the PvZ: GW board, not in the General Discussion.

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