• Choose your favorite charactor: plants, zombies, even dinosaurs. Also tell us about your favourite       in-game parts, too. No spam, that's enough.

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    • Seem to be a bit old thread but I really want to comment.

      Fav Plant : Primal-Potato Mine and Primal Wallnut

      Fav Zombie : Amberhead, Fossilhead and Rockpuncher

      Fav Dino : Ankylosaurus, in my profile

      Least Fav Dino : T-Rex, Roar Roar Roar, Zombie go very fast and I almost fake in Jurassic Marsh Part 2.

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    • My favorite plants are probably primal wallnut and primal sunflower cuz I use them in almost every level I play

      I dont really have a favourite zombie, but my least favourite zombie is probably rockpuncher

      My favourite Dino’s probably raptor cuz they give the zombies the worst boost out of the 5 dinos. They also have the most efficient ability when hypnotized. My least fav dino is ankylosaurus cuz their ability is just plain annoying

      Also, first post here in a month!

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    • I like Primal Peashooter and Primal Wallnut the best, but maybe Primal Potato Mine too (When I get it)

      The zombies are interesting, I like the amberhead and the fossilhead

      Dinos are a cool mechanic, I like the ptrodactyl the most (I hope I spelled it right)

      I hate Jurassic Bullies, they basically prevent me from doing my Blover+Primal Peashooter combo

      There's been no posts here for like 5 months, interesting

      Sorry about the long comment

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    • Primal pototato mine

      Jurassic bully


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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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