• I found a new strategy not too long ago. It goes a little something like this:
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    Level 30 complete, with Lava Guava

    - Bring the same plants I did, though you can choose between Lava Guava and Cherry Bomb.
    - At the strat of the level, plant a Moonflower in the third row, second column(very important for this to work!)and plant two Dusk Lobbers in the back column, 2nd and 4th lanes, as soon as they recharge.
    - Plant Tile Turnip on one of them asap. Wait until you have at least 4 or 5 Moonflowers before you plant the second Tile Turnip.
    - Use Primal Peas and Lava Guavas/Cherry Bombs when the first Buckethead walks on screen(or Parasol or whatever you think Dusk Lobbers can't handle). Just keep using Gold Blooms to get more Power Tiles

    ​- If you have the 8th slot, bring Power Lily

    When you're finished it should look like the pictures here
    Temple of Bloom 54 Final Wave 1

    Level 54, my most successful level ever

    Hope it works for you as much as it does for me!

    Side notes:

    -On certain levels, Gargantuars may be a bit of a problem. Using Blover while Primal Peas knock them back should help.

    Temple of Bloom 54 complete

    And Level 54 is complete

    Temple of Bloom 54 Final Wave 2

    I call this, Power to the Dusk Lobbers!!!

    -Unless you have Power Lily or is at Level 15 and below, NEVER use Plant Food on Gold Bloom's seed packet

    -It does not work in Frostbite Caves due to freezing winds and the need to warm your plants. It also does not work well in Jurassic Marsh because dinosaurs can render both Primal Peas and Dusk Lobbers useless. The easiest worlds to try this in are Lost City, due to the amass of sun, or Far Future, though you may need more than one Plant Food per wave

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    • A good strategy as Dusk Lobbers do splash damage! When I do endless zones sometimes, I use Melon-pults and Primal Peashooters. I might try out this strategy.

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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