• how do you add favorite and least favorite plant stats¬†

    and how do you add stuff like "this player has done 67469238 levels in pyramid of doom"

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    • Example of favorite/least favorite plants (just replace the plants and the game with your own choices):

      |FavoriteHeader = Favorite!
      |Favorite = Gloom-shroom
      |Game = 1
      |NeutralHeader = Like
      |Neutral1 = Imitater
      |Neutral2 = Winter Melon
      |Neutral3 = Pumpkin
      |Neutral4 = Garlic
      |Neutral5 = Starfruit
      |Neutral6 = Doom-shroom
      |Neutral7 = Sunflower
      |LeastFavoriteHeader = Dislike
      |LeastFavorite1 = Chomper
      |LeastFavorite2 = Gold Magnet
      |LeastFavorite3 = Hypno-shroom}}

      Endless Zones (just replace the name with other Endless Zone names, and then the number with your score):

      {{User Pyramid Of Doom|66}}

      You can find more of them here: Plants vs. Zombies Wiki:Userboxes

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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