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    00:08, February 10, 2020

    Big thanks to TULO for covering for me last thread, but now I'm back and my parents' divorce is all done and settled :)

    But yeah BfN is now starting to do original holidays for its Feastivals, with January's being "Snow Day". Personally I was hoping they'd go more 'New Years' themed for this one, but eh what can ya do I'm still looking forward to all the future ones!

    And now that it's beginning to wrap up, and a whole lot of other stuff regarding PvZ has come up, such as the New Years event in PvZ2c, bringing with it a new funny looking friend, a whole heap of upcoming new content for PvZ2i, PvZ3's Pre-Alpha testing coming to an end, and a whole lot more coming Valenbrainz. It's time to get y'all's thoughts on all this madness.

    So do you think all this new content is the right way to start off the New Year? What are your thoughts on all of them separately? Is there one you care more about than the others? One you don't care about at all? How long will it be until the next thread after this!

    Tell us your thoughts and more in this sparkly, brand spankin' New (Years) Biweekly Discussions thread!

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