• PvZGWE is the only mobile PvZ game I haven't (except UYB). I have 9th version of Android and tried many, many apk, but in best case scenario it ended with a picture of a penguin on a surfboard instead of a game. I have a same problem with JttW, but I found working apk by a miracle

    I also have an old phone with 6.1 Android in case the 9th Android version does not exist

    I hope you can help me, cuz I really want to see Super Chomper and Chinese zombies

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    • Unfortunately you need a phone with android 4.4 or lower to run PvZGWE. Anyways once you get a android 4.4 or lower phone get a PvZGWE apk larger than 15mb and run it! Bam it should work.

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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