• When I register my game progress through Game Center, I started to download the game in my Iphone and played my game till I found something wired¬†with my coins, gems and mints.

    At first, I was confused that it was doubled, maybe it's the Game Center it been doing when I saved my progress. Then I played my Ipad mini and it was doubled again.

    After realizing this, my coins, gems, mints, gauntlets and even the power-ups I saved are doubled up and granting me to do whatever I want (like Pinatas much).

    When the 7.2.1 update was released, the doubled bug is gone and I still got lots of coins, gems and mints this day.

    If you people had this same issue like this, please let me know...

    And don't get mad about it, I found this on accident in the 7.0.1 update.

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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