• This is the strategy thread for Battlez in general. Any information about Battlez, not just strategies, is welcome here.

    Some rules:

    • All plants, including money and gem┬ápremiums, are allowed.
    • Don't post any untrue stuff here. It's fine to give untested strategies, but mention that it's untested.
      • If someone posts something wrong here, refer to his/her message and counter it. Don't insult other users when doing this.
    • Please make your strategy very clear. Do not give coded messages using riddles, abbreviations, jargon etc.
    • Please only post strategies related to this tournament, as the thread will now last for 300 replies before a new one is started.
    • Please try not to post too many statements saying that you haven't found a strategy and would like one. They are fine but in large amounts can make this thread hard to navigate and actually find a strategy.
    • Please do not necropost, as it can become very annoying.
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