• Hello Hello, fellow G'nomes n'or humans!

    I would like to talk about why Rux is not in the gnome world like all other gnomes.

    Well my opinion and way i see it, is because Rux was a dealer like in the gnome world;

    but theres a reason we call him "The Deal Breaker".

    I believe its because Rux was making deals which he also gives to the player in-game ( PvZ GW2 )                                                    So Rux was breaking the deals and cheated them, so eventually they decided to abandon him from the gnome world.

    So Rux left the world and began selling exclusive items from the gnome world in the PvZ world. 

    Now this is MY OPINION, if you have another then just tell it!

    Tiddle le dee!


                                                                             This is rux --------->

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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