• You might notice that the wiki chat has been reenabled today. Initially we weren't sure who did it but turns out it was Jack.

    To be honest this was completely unplanned, as we have never discussed about reenabling it before. I don't really mind about it though, seeing how the feature's completely harmless for the wiki users (as opposed to all those FnG and roleplay attempts) but this definitely made us a little bit confused.

    There's a bit of a problem though: we lack chat mods. After the removal of the Lawn, chat mod positions were deemed unnecessary so they were removed. We're still trying to find a way to work around this but currently there will be no chat mod staff members.

    I'm still unsure whether or not the Lawn would stay, but currently we'll keep it until further notice.

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    • Aren't discussion mods still chat mods inherently?

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    • DatDramaPlant wrote:

      Aren't discussion mods still chat mods inherently?

      That is true. Discussion moderators also have the abilities and tools of chat moderators.

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    • Did everything switch over to discord? When I was active before this, discord wasn't even in the wiki and there were always people on/in the lawn 24/7.

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    • Discord is the more active thing at the moment, the lawn is not used often.

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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