• Hey LegendofNickson why are you a former/retired staff member? I don’t see anything wrong with the abuse log. Or is it too much work being a staff member? Or have personal concerns? If it is too much embarrassing for you to tell me, then don’t tell me. Also, I’m a new editor so if you’re unhappy with my edits just tell me.

    Have a nice day legendofNickson

    Waffenträger E 100

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    • I didn't do anything wrong. I just don't have the passion to hold the administrator rights anymore that time. That's why I retired soon, and then I left the wiki. it was exactly a year ago.

      And for now, I have returned to this wiki recently. Now I'm planning to be a staff member after all these time. Don't worry though

      About your edits, I'm alright with it. The fact that you add infos & pics to the comics page matters with my impression towards you. However, don't try to add "Article stubs" and "Construction" templates in those pages. Those categories are not necessary anymore, as those page have enough infos from your edits.

      Nice to meet you too. I guess have a fun time and have a nice day on this wiki :^)

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    • Umm...all those comic book with article stubs/under construction have either no plot or they have an unfinished plot (War and Peas). All comic books with that section need a plot so I am getting more books from the library to finish those other books (Boom Boom Mushroom, Battle Extravagonzo, Lawn of Doom, etc.) I have a feeling you don’t appreciate me adding so many pics to the PvZ comic gallery itself so I’m gonna stop. But as for the comics, yes I consider them under construction/article stub because most of them have no plot. If you don’t agree please do not get hotheaded and mad because I am a 3-day old member who is still ignorant. Please reply on this message wall post if you disagree with something I wrote. Hey LegendofNickson, also put anything dealing with origins you see in Trivia to its own new category in Origins! If you help me with that I appreciate it! Because I accidentally did it before I realized I did too many!

      Have a nice day LegendofNickson.

      User:Waffenträger E 100

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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