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    Well PvZ may have a handful of games, but they have hundreds of characters, and that's not even including the amount of characters made by different teams in more obscure divisions of PopCap.

    And with that, the games often include many returning characters a well as new characters, but sometimes not every game features characters from other games. And with that, we ask, how would you put one of those characters in a game they weren't featured in? How would they work in the game?

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    • Here's one of my ideas I remember posting a few years ago.

      Vimpire: the Vampire variant of the Imp.

      He has 50 health, but he fires vampire bats from his Vampiric Blasters. Each hit does 6 damage normally and 8 damage for a critical hit. It has 25 ammo. Each successful hit restores 3 health to the Vimpire.

      His Z-Mech is a giant robotic Vampire Bat. The mech fires small wooden coffins at the plants and each coffin does 15 damage normally and 18 damage for a critical hit. The weapon's name is called the Mini Graveyard. The Mini Graveyard has 20 ammo. If the mech makes a successful hit, it will not restore health to the mech.

      The first exclusive ability for this mech is the Sonic Screech. It has the same statistics as the Sonic Grenade, except it charges slightly faster.

      The second exclusive ability for this is the Wing Whacker. It is like the Turbo Twister, except it pulls plants towards it and it recharges slower.

      Stickerbook description:

      "He doesn't want people to know this, but he loves eating garlic bread. He also plays board games with Garlic every weekend."

      In-game description:

      "His Vampiric Blasters restore his health when they hit a Plant!"

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    • i would love to see that vampire variant of the imp in garden warfare 2

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    • Brickhead zombie (class):

      He has 225 HP (because of the bricks).

      His attack is a cement gun, deals 7 damage for each shot and has 20 ammo.

      His counterparts are just the brickhead zombie's variants in pvz2 :P.

      His first move is called "Port-a-wall". It builds a wall (no, this is NOT relating to Donald trump.) to block anything. it is the height of 2 imps on top of each other.

      His second move is called "Paint panic". He sloshes a paint bucket and deals 30 damage. Just think of the slosher from splatoon for the projectile. It also paints whatever it hit, and the paint stays for 10 seconds and makes plants that walk through it slower.

      His third move is called "Dangerous Bulldozer."It makes BZ (Brickhead zombie) ride a small bulldozer that moves forward for 3.5 seconds that deals 45 damage. It's slow, but deals a lot of damage. One of the downsides to it is that it deals damage to zombies too.

      Stickerbook description:

      "Not the brightest for building a brick house around his head, but if you thought you would get eaten by a mutant Chomper every night, you would probably do it too."

      In-game description:

      "Has lots of HP, but in exchange he is slow."

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    • Here’s one, I use mods.

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    • what game would that brickhead zombie be for ?

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    • Doom-shroom (PvZ 2)

      Ability: Same as PvZ 1

      Plant Food: None

      Almanac Entry: If you think mushrooms are gross, try saying that to Doom-shroom.

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    • Can put Chili Bean in PvZ Heroes

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    • how would it work?

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    • I made some PvZH adaptations to PvZ2, and vice versa in PvZCC Wiki, for my fan-made game concept (Plants vs. Zombies: The Plants' Rescue), and my fan-made PvZH Set (Undiscovered Chaos). I'll show some of them here, mostly the PvZH adaptations for PvZ2 here, because I haven't finished re-working the Plants sub-page for The Plants' Rescue.


      Podfather shoots two peas at a time, and boosts other Pea Plants around him.

      • Cost: 200
      • Toughness: 350 dpb
      • Range: Straight
      • Family: Appease-mint familyiconAppease-mint
      • Recharge: 30 seconds
      • Damage: 25 dps
      • Special: Boost
      • Tribe: Pea Plant

      Special : Podfather's Boost gives 50% more of the Pea Plant's stats.

      "It's not easy taking care the Pea family. Especially, because I had a lot of Pea kids, and that one kid I have that is a nut hybrid. Yeah, that one."

      Wild Berry

      Wild Berry launches bouncing berry projectiles a few times, then runs away.

      • Cost: 125
      • Toughness: 200 dpb
      • Range: Straight
      • Family: Enforce-mint familyiconEnforce-mint
      • Recharge: 14 seconds
      • Damage: 70 dps
      • Tribe: Berry Plant

      "Whoa-whaaa!", says Wild Berry after spinning around to get away from the Zombies. It's seriously weird for a plant to have social anxiety.

      PeaPatch PvZ2
      Pea Patch

      Pea Patch shoots peas and allows any plant to be planted on top, but the plant on top gets boosted if it's a Pea Plant.

      • Cost: 75
      • Toughness: 250 dpb
      • Range: Straight
      • Family: Appease-mint familyiconAppease-mint
      • Recharge: 8 seconds
      • Damage: 10 dps
      • Tribe: Pea Plant

      I don't have a description for this one.

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    • JD2004 wrote: what game would that brickhead zombie be for ?


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    • Tile Turnip could increase plant stats in PvZ1, since it relies on Plant Food, and Power Lily can do something similar. I dunno.

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    • PvZ2 version for Overstuffed Zombie:

      Toughness: Protected (absorbs 560 DPS)

      Speed: Stiff

      Overstuffed Zombie heals himself after finish eating a plant.

      Description: Despite the fact that his cholesterol levels are pretty high because of excessive brain consumption, he somehow still stays in good shape.

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    • Repeater in GW/GW2

      Same stats on everything, except damage is about 25% less (same splash), fires two projectiles at once automatically (like Commando Pea) and has 80% more ammo (upgraded would have 200% the ammo of upgraded Peashooter) Repeater would also have a less effective damage upgrade.

      Shadow Peashooter in GW/GW2

      Same stats on everything except HP and damage. HP would be 100 (115 if upgraded) but has a significantly more narrow hitbox for receiving damage. Collision Box (ie when walking on platforms) would be the same as a standard Peashooter. Damage would be about 40% less but he can fire at 225% the speed of Peashooter (so if you have great aim, your damage output is higher) Splash damage would be 50% better and would have a 20% longer range. Instead of Chili Bean Bomb, Shadow Peashooter gets a new signature ability called "Shadow Ball," where it summons a large ball of energy in front of itself, then lobs it forward, dealing damage similar to a Chili Bean Bomb, but with 10% longer range, and does 10 damage to any potential targets it gets close to while in midair, like Toxic Pea's projectile. The "upgraded" ability, replacing Sombrero Bean Bomb (again, exclusive to Shadow Peashooter), does 25 more maximum damage, with a 15% longer damage radius, and does 15 passing damage, and is called "Z-Shadow Ball." Shadow Peashooter would also move at the speed of Electro Pea.

      Fire Flower in PvZ/PvZ2

      Identical to Sunflower, except costs 100, and every Sun production results in a mini explosion of fire damage in a 3x3 around itself. Sun that it makes ignites all Zombies that get within a radius of 1 lane and 4 columns. Ignited Zombies take constant fire damage at a rate of 2 NDS per second (40 dps) and any zombie still in range take 3 NDS (60 damage) once per second, per a pulsing effect of the Sun produced. These Suns cannot despawn but a Fire Sunflower can't produce any more Sun if it has already produced one which hasn't been picked up, or if another Fire Sunflower in a 3x3 around it produced a Sun less than 30 seconds ago and hasn't been picked up.

      Plasma Pea in PvZ/PvZ2

      Identical to Peashooter, except it does 10% less damage per attack, costs 150 Sun with a Sluggish recharge, and after 3 attacks, or 5 seconds (whichever comes first), Plasma Pea becomes partially Charged. Click or tap on a partially Charged Plasma Pea to launch a bonus attack (independent of its passive attack) for damage equal to 50% of Coconut Cannon's attack. After 5 normal attacks, or 8 seconds (whichever comes first), it becomes fully Charged. Click or tap on a fully Charged Plasma Pea to launch a bonus attack for damage of 90% of Coconut Cannon's attack, which knocks back all Zombies on the tile of the one it hits.

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    • If power lily was in PvZH:   Leafy Trick. 4 cost. When played: Gain a plant food/Shuffle 2 plant foods in your deck. Rare.

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    • Outhouse Zombie To PVZH, Now that's Something.

      Basic, Traits: Armored 1, 6 Health, And Strength 3, Cost: 4 Brains. Rare, Hearty. Abilities: If A Other Zombie Has Armored 1 Or Hearty, Move into a Random Lane, If Defeated, Turn Into A 1/1 Browncoat Zombie.

      Desc: "The Browncoat Zombie Didn't Know How He Got Stuck In The Outhouse, all he remembers was being at a Hotel For 6 Hours, Laying On His Bed."

      Don't know if this was all needed, But here you go.

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    • Juggler Zombie: Health 9, Strength 6. Cost: 15 Brains. Rarity: Legendary, Hearty. What it does: It juggles bombs and throw it doing 6 damage. Ability: If one of zombies has less health, he heals them 3 hearts per round to zombies, When defeated, His bombs release and attack the strongest plant defeating it instantly.

      Desc: "Az much we will throwz bombz at teh circuz, I am a funny clown who likez blowing up thingz." said the Juggler Zombie.

      I hope this is enough

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    • I did have a version of the Droplet Shooter I made many months ago for PvZH. I like it, its simple and budget, aggro for amphibious/Smarty in general, and an Amphibious Pea for Green Shadow.

      also I get lots of reactions about the flavor text so
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    • HarryK2010 wrote:
      This thread is closed.

      It hasn't quite been a week yet.

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    • About SeaShooter: H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O. so he only knows seven letters of the alphabet?

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    • Putting ports of characters into different games? I would try to keep the characters general appearance, although modifications or tweaks to that is perfectly ok, and I’d try to keep the characters general usage consistent across games. If I were to come up with one, then i would have literally no idea.

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