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    Dating back at 2010, there was a guy experimented with the Jack-in-the-Box zombies using a script. The texts below are translated to fit for the English reader as well as an attempt at clearing up the any confusing statements made by 玉箫沙

    .January 5

    "Today I was bored and attempted to measure the rate of Jack-in-the-Box explosion. The measuring was firstly done in Last Stand and found out the explosion has 3 stages. In 4 experiments I've tested 500 zombies each. The following data obtained is done without slowed down Jack-in-the-Box zombies. At first, there are 27, 23, 20 and 16 explosions occurred in the 8th and 9th column from the right, estimating the explosion probability is at about 4% to 5% for these two columns. Then, the at 6th and 7th column, they don't explode at all. So the estimated rate here is 0%. Finally, for the first five columns, the probability of the explosion is about 19% for each of the five columns. By following probrability theory, the rate of Jack-in-the-Box explosion is estimated at about 100%, 50%, 33%, 25% and 20%. There is not a single Jack-in-the-Box zombie able to eat the homeowner's brain. (Even reaching the lawnmower)

    The experiment is done again with slow down effect by Ice-shroom. The Jack-in-the-Box zombies do not explode when frozen solid. Apparently the timer for exploding is also halted. While moving at half of the usual speed, they follow the same pattern as above.

    After testing in Last Stand, I proceed to repeat the experiment in Survival: Endless. The software discovered that the situation in flag 0 and flag 1000 share the same rate as Last Stand...... So the data is not a waste. The explosion rate in last stage is purely based on addition.

    So this is how it goes, not sure if data mining king and compilation king can give a more accurate data."

    January 9

    I am just going to translate last two of the three tables. The first one is involved with x-coordinates of some sorts. The experiment is done 6 times. First time having 200 Jack-in-the-Box zombies running in, the next 5 having 500 each.


    剩余小丑: Remaining number of Jack-in-the-Box zombies

    秒数: Number of seconds that have passed.

    测试次数: Experiment number


    爆炸几率: Rate of explosion

    秒数: Number of seconds that have passed.

    测试次数: Experiment number

    Unfortunately the two links that may lead to either videos or scripts of doing this experiment are broken. So you can decide what to do with the info from here. Personally I find it interesting and now understand why certain Survival: Endless builds are said to be "Jack immune". I may link to a video (not Youtube) relating to it if I can find it. It is about structures of Fume-shrooms and Gloom-shrooms that are Jack immune as long as the zombies are slowed down.

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