• Follow these steps to complete the constructed survey response

    1. Name 4 - 7 annoying zombies of your opinion

    2. Explain why the zombies you named are annoying for you

    3. Name 4 - 7 OP plants of your opinion

    4. Explain why the plants you named are op for you.


    I.e. Cherry bomb is the most op plant because it is the best; Yeti Zombi because he is annoying. (Examples of unintelligent explanations)

    6. You must have a minimal of 4 and a maximum of 7 annoying zombies and op plants named and explained or else the response won't count.

    7. Naming a plant or zombie without explaining also will not count.

    I will record how many plants or zombies are named and explained. The first 2 people to insert a response may help me chart plants or zombies. 

    Note to helpers: Unintelligent and/or inaccurate explanations do not count. (Don't count them.) If no explanation is given, don't count it. If less than four plants and zombies are named and explained don't count them. If more than seven plants and zombies are named and explained, count the first seven plants and zombies.

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    • Branch on this for counting plants and zombies.


      _____ (plant) ×X

      ______(zombie) ×X

      Total Plants: x

      Total Zombies: x

      ×X= named and explained plants or zombies (like if 3 people named and explained that they think Weasel Hoarder was their most annoying zombie, then you type in Weasel Hoarder x3. I'm sure you will know how many total plants or zombies there are.)

      I will add the Grand Total if everyone using this wiki has submitted a response and it has been graphed. Only one response per user!

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    • Is this for PvZ, PvZ2, or PvZH? Or can I do a mix of every game?

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    • NOTE: I'll only be talking about Plants vs. Zombies 2 in this post. All plants from the first game will be accounted for, but all information and evidence used in reasoning will be from the second game only. As well as this, it should be assumed all plants discussed are level one.

      The most annoying zombies, in my opinion, are: 

      Chicken Wrangler Zombie
      Basic Zombie2

      The most annoying zombies.

      Weasel Hoarder Zombie

      All-Star Zombie

      Wizard Zombie

      Jurassic Gargantuar

      • Excavator Zombie

      Each of these zombies are all extremely annoying. The first two zombies, the Chicken Wrangler and Weasel Hoarder, are such a large inconvenience because of the clumps of Ice Weasels/Zombie Chickens they spawn.

      The All-Star Zombie is annoying because it usually catches people off guard and can seriously damage your front lines if you don't have Plant Food or cheap plants to stall it.

      The Wizard Zombie is especially annoying as it usually comes in chunks. Even one alone is annoying because it always takes out all of your good plants and you have no way to kill it. Its speed is also extremely slow, so most zombies usually get in front of it and guard the Wizard Zombie.

      As for the Jurassic Gargantuar, it isn't that annoying except for the fact that it's essentially a slow Giga Gargantuar. It's slower than a Basic Zombie but it has 270 normal damage shots of health. It requires 3 instant kills and a bit of damage to take it out. Very annoying.

      Last but not least, the Excavator Zombie. This pain in the neck is immune to all straight-firing plants and can dig up even Potato Mines and Spikeweeds (which kind of messes with your mind as these things are literally inside the ground). If you don't have a backwards firing plant, a lobbing plant (which is usually useless in levels where Parasol Zombies are present, which they usually are), or an area of effect plant, you stand no chance against the Excavator Zombie.

      The most overpowered plants, in my opinion, are:

      Primal Potato Mine

      Most overpowered plants.

      Thyme Warp


      Gold Bloom



      The first plant I'll be discussing is the Primal Potato Mine. This plant is pretty overpowered. It deals the most damage of all instant-use explosives in the game, with the second highest range of all instant-use explosives (tied with Explode-O-Nut, Bombegranate, and Cherry Bomb with 3x3), excluding the Jalapeno. It does 120 damage shots to all zombies within its range and arms very quickly. It is also extremely cheap, compared to all of the other explosives in the game (besides its counterpart, the Potato Mine).

      There is also the Thyme Warp. Not as significantly overpowered as the rest since it is only available in Neon Mixtape Tour, but this plant is still very effective. It synergizes extremely well with explosives if the player can thyme everything right. For example, using the Thyme Warp on a heavily cluttered lawn would move all the zombies to the rightmost side of the lawn where a radius explosive would be very useful in taking them out. As well as these things, the Thyme Warp does not respawn broken accessories. For example, Buckethead Zombies will not get their buckets back if they have fallen off.

      Another pretty overpowered plant is the Shadow-shroom. This plant is extremely good at taking out accessorized zombies, like Coneheads, Bucketheads, and even machined zombies. For example, a Brickhead Zombie would be easily taken out by the Shadow-shroom since the poison bypasses the accessory. It can be used on pretty much all zombies (if not all) and is pretty cheap for what it does.

      Although it's premium now, the Gold Bloom is still overpowered. Formerly available in a 10-step epic quest, the Gold Bloom is a free plant with a 75 second recharge (no recharge at the start of the level since it is a sun producer) and creates a burst of (I think) 325 sun. It is a fantastic plant that will help you start planting more powerful plants at the start of a level.

      Now for Caulipower. This plant is extremely overpowered. Even with its pretty high cost of 250 sun and its slow recharge, it has the ability to hypnotize any zombie on the entire lawn every few seconds, including Gargantuars. Its Plant Food effect is also pretty much an auto-Power Toss. If planted in groups, this plant would be devastating.

      Last but not least, the Grimrose. At a very low price of 75 sun, this plant can instantly kill the strongest zombie on the lawn. When planted in a Moonflower's shadow, it can do it three times. Not much else to say about it. Just awesome.

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    • The most annoying zombies :

      Excavator Zombie

      Punk Zombie

      Hair Metal Gargantuar

      Fisherman Zombie

      Newspaper Zombie

      First is Excavator Zombie, He can dig my plant to the entry way of other zombies otherwise that plant will be lose, This is the least harmless in the most annoying zombie for me.

      Second is Punk Zombie, he is kick my plant rudely when punk jam play. Very annoying at Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 5 because I have to protect my endangered Phat Beet and Wall-Nut. At Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 9 is also very troublesome me because he kick plants out from the lawn and I have to produce at least 2000 sun.

      Third is Hair Metal Gargantuar is very fiendish because their shockwave can destroy a lot of plant in only 1 time, These huge ugly guy is very fiendish in many levels in Neon MixTape Tour and even in Modern Day especially the Mixed Gargantuar fight in Modern Day - Day 16, He is the most harmful Gargantuar.

      Forth is Fisherman Zombie, Okay, I know that this zombie not hungry to your brain because he is stationery zombie. However, This zombie can move the plant near to water and caused losing plants. I hate him in every level in Big Wave Beach especially in Save your own seed level like Big Wave Beach - Day 23, Big Wave Beach - Day 30 and in Not lose more than X plant level, like Big Wave Beach - Day 28.

      So the Next one is the most grievous zombie in my opinion.

      Newspaper Zombie, Yeah, He is not even bad in PvZ 1, But in PvZ 2 Why you are so awful ??, When he lost his Newspaper, He gonna go fast, Eat my primal Wall-Nut in only 4 second!! Worse than that is his toughness is also very high even his newspaper is lost already. This zombie makes me crazy and almost have an heart attack when he gonna go fast like that, He is very terrible in all Modern Day level.

      The most OP plants :

      Chili Bean

      Primal Peashooter

      Primal Wall-nut

      Primal Potato Mine



      Electric Peashooter

      First, Chili Bean, he can instantly kill the Non-Robot zombies and release stunning gas on the entire lane that effect to others zombies. I like to plant this on the first zombie on the leftmost column to take a time to prepare my lawn and can deal with others incoming zombies, I also like to use this plant with some of the strong zombies like Jurassic Bully or Headwear Zombie.

      Second is Primal Peashooter, This plant is very good to deal with zombies that doesn't have a projectile blocker or bouncing projectile. I like to use this plant in almost every zombies especially Surfer Zombie, I feel good when the pea from this plant in push back those surfer zombie and surfer zombie dies in the water before their reach land so they can't crash my plants anymore.

      Third is Primal Wall-nut, He is the great defensive plant in my opinion. His fast-recharge is the truth advantage and very help me in many levels in every worlds. He also can be an excellent choice to prevent All-Star Zombie tackle so I really love this plant because he's very useful.

      Next, Primal Potato Mine, I like to use this plant because of their have a low sun cost, Have a less time to arming himself and have a huge area of explosion. He also have a great plant food effect. If you upgrade him to level 2, I think his arming time is really fast and their damage area is seem to be 4X3.

      The fifth one is Grapeshot, he is the best explosive plant in my opinion. With an equal sun cost to Cherry Bomb but grapeshot have a violence projectile in 8 directions. I first use him in Jurassic Marsh and I hope I want to buy this plant once in my life.

      Next is Blover, I think everyone agreed. He is very bad in PvZ 1 but he is the amazing plant in PvZ 2 because their sun cost is half cheaper compare with PvZ 1 and He can blew up a lot of airbone zombie in PvZ 2.

      Last one is Electric Peashooter, I think he is the best premium plant. He shoot an electric pea that can pass through everything in his lane and have a splash damage to deal with zombie in near of that lane. Moreover, His plant food effect is also very good so He is the most OP plant and I use him a lot and a lot of zombies were zapped by this plant.

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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