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The Wand of Sweet Spells is the first quest issued to the player by Agent Rose. When the mission is completed, the player receives 7500 coins.

Mission description

"Special Ops: Go to the Colizeum and defeat Baron von Bats who has the wand that Rose seeks."


Agent Rose asks the player to retrieve the titular Wand of Sweet Spells, which is in the possession of Baron von Bats. The player has to go to the Colizeum and hold off 3 waves in a modified version of Garden Ops. The first wave is a regular wave, the second is a huge wave and the third is a boss wave containing a single Baron von Bats. The player must defeat Baron von Bats to receive the wand and defend against all three waves, after which the mission is completed and the player receives their reward.


The first wave consists of only a few Browncoat Zombies and some Centurions, making them easy to defeat. However, the burning effect of the Centurion can be rather annoying, so it is advised to take them out first. Fighting multiple Centurions can also be a bit of a hassle, so try and separate them and take them on one by one.

However, the second wave is much more difficult, boasting a combination of zombies that is extremely difficult to vanquish, being Vampire Zombies, Lil' Drakes, Roadie Zs and Coffin Zombies. These zombies always appear in huge hordes, and can do lots of damage very quickly. Bear in mind that Vampire Zombies heal themselves when they do damage, so it is best to focus on one at a time and take them out that way. Lil' Drakes have to be actively targeted, as many of them running around and causing trouble with their Gravity Grenades can easily cause the whole team to be vanquished.

The third wave is easier in comparison. Focus all the firepower on the single Baron von Bats, as the three computer-controlled characters will hold off the zombie hordes by themselves. Baron von Bats isn't too difficult to defeat by himself, so it should be easy to finish the final wave.

Plant choice

As with all Ops missions, a Sunflower variant is required to keep the team healthy. This mission almost definitely requires a Peashooter, with the best variants being Toxic Pea or Electro Pea. These variants offer excellent crowd control capabilities that are required for the second wave.

The other two characters can be mostly anything, but it is recommended to select a character with enough firepower to take outthe Baron von Bats.

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