The Putrid Posse


are a gang of bacteria that live inside zombies' mouths. They are also the singers of Stop Zombie Mouth!


D.K.: Digs up teeth and crushes them.

Plak: Is the yellow gunk on your teeth that all dentists fear.

Rott: Makes gingivitis.

P.U.: Cranks up the stench in zombies' mouths.



  • Many of the Putrid Posse strongly resemble bacteria cells.
  • D.K. is named after "decay", Plak is named after "plaque", Rott is named after "rot", and P.U. is named after an expression used when something smells unpleasant.
  • Even though there are only four germs in the Putrid Posse, there are probably many, many more germs in an average zombie's mouth.
  • The Putrid Posse have no teeth themselves. You can even see that Plak and P.U. only have gums. This indicates that the Putrid Posse have no dental hygiene whatsoever, or that smaller versions of themselves thrive inside their own mouths.

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