A plague has swept this era.
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The Plantagon Lot was an area in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. It was the first lot the player had to unlock. If they reclaimed it from the zombies, they would have unlocked the Aspearagus. While the player reclaimed the lot, they would receive a tutorial from Matilda about Plant Perk and ZombiFreeze. The main building here was the Plantagon. The player could collect the Lawn Mowers it produces and then use them in a level to replace any activated Lawn Mowers.

The Plantagon Lot after being reclaimed


The Plantagon is a pun on The Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. It may be because it gives lawnmowers, an important defensive tool.

Items and plant unlocked


  • This was the only lot with more than one building in it before it is reclaimed.
  • The Plantagon Lot was the second lot the player can own, the first is the Starting Area.
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