The Mine Cart is the third and final Vasebreaker level of Wild West in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The players need to smash all the vases and kill all the zombies to win the game. There are thirty-five vases and one of them contains Plant Food. When this level is finished for the first time, the player gets a Mystery Gift Box.


Its name is a pun on mine (as in Potato Mine) and minecarts.


There are many dangerous zombies in this level, as well as very weak plants given to combat them. The Poncho Zombie is possibly the biggest threat, as there are nine of them, and that leads to nine potential metal grates. Buckethead Cowboys are also a concern. Zombie Bull should be dealt with immediately, as it will start running right when it comes out of the vase. Winning this level will take extreme precaution, as there is no empty spaces on the lawn other than the minecarts. Potato Mine should be used effectively, as the player needs it to defeat tough zombies. Using Plant Food on Potato Mine may help, as it will provide more damage.


  • Start by breaking the plant vases, till you (hopefully) get a Potato Mine2 or Split Pea2.
    • If cruel RNG made a joke by giving you 3 Iceberg Lettuces for the 3 plant vases, restart the level.
    • If you received a Split Pea, plant it at the back minecart. From there, break the vases, starting from the back row. If you received any Iceberg Lettuces before the Split Pea, use them to stall the zombies and let the attacker do its work.
    • If you received a Potato Mine, plant it at the front minecart. Wait for it to arm. Then, move the minecart such that the mine faces the row with the most number of unbroken vases. From there, break the vase furthest backwards in that row. Once the zombie inside it reaches the adjacent vase, break that vase too. Repeat, and you'll find that the zombies are gathered in a clump together, for the mine to conveniently clear all the zombies in one row. You should get a number of plants via this tactic.
      • If a vase that was broken via this tactic contains the dreaded Zombie Bull, DON'T PANIC. But quickly break the remaining plant vases and use whatever plant that is there to stall it, while letting the rest of the zombies get blown up. Use the remaining attacking plants to finish the bull off.
    • If you received a Peashooter, remember that a level 1 peashooter can kill a conehead if and only if the conehead is at C7 onwards, so it is best to break more plant vases. Plant it at the front minecart, then keep breaking the plant vases. Use the Iceberg Lettuces to stall the zombies, and plant the split pea at the back. If you received the potato mine, dig up the peashooter and use the mine tactic I mentioned above. Finally, break the unknown vases.
  • For the middle game, your priority is to fill the front minecart with a mine or a peashooter and the back minecart with a Split Pea. Continue filling the split peas at the back of the lawn and the potato mines/iceberg lettuces at the front of the lawn.
  • To deal with the Zombie Bull, use a potato mine OR use your planted split pea at the back minecart for the zombie bull to charge on. Once the imp is launched, plant an iceberg lettuce at C8 to freeze the bull and the imp can be killed while the bull takes some small damage from the front head of the split pea.
  • This vasebreaker relies on too much RNG, so multiple tries may be required to pass this level.

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The Mine Cart

The Mine Cart

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