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For the game mode unlocked after beating this quest, see Flag of Power.

The Flag of Power is the third quest given to the player by Dave-bot 3000. When the player completes the quest, they are awarded 2500 coins.

Mission description

"Raise the Flag of Power so we can see just how powerful that flag really is!"


Dave-bot 3000 instructs the player to test out Crazy Dave's new idea, the Flag of Power. The player will then break open a reinforcement crate and then raise the Flag of Power. From there, two waves of the game mode (namely the Browncoat and the Pirate waves) will have to be played. At the end of the second wave, the mission ends immediately and the player receives the rewards.


For in-depth strategies, see Flag of Power/Strategies

This quest plays out similarly to the mode Flag of Power, except that you start with a free AI ally and Weeds and Browncoat Zombies do not despawn when the flag is raised. Combined with the fact that only two waves have to be played, this is an extremely easy quest.

Plant choice

As all plants get a boost to their attack power and only two waves need to be played, the choice of Plants is not too important here. However, the best classes are ones with good splash damage capabilities, such as Peashooters.

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