The C Team is a Suburbination Battle Chest mode and a medal in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It is awarded for winning the Battle Chest mode.

The bonus objective for this Battle Chest mode is to capture five Suburbination stations.


Its name is a play on The A-Team, an American action-adventure television and a 2010 American action thriller film. The letter "C" in place of "A" is a reference to the plants in this mode: Cactus, Corn, and Citron.


Battle Chest description

A team of Cacti, Corns, and Citrons will let you know that 'C' is their favorite letter in the alphabet.

Medal description

Dear Olds Cool!

I vant, to join, your club! It sounds VERY sucky--vich is good! I vill be a your lair zoon. Can I request a song? Itz called, "Brainz Frenzy (Club Remix)" by ME!

- Suckily,
Baron von Bats


This is a relatively difficult mode to complete as noted by the in-game description. Due to the way the AI works in Suburbination, which is to capture all the opponent's posts immediately, you can use the Super Brainz to melee them all, as they tend to guard those capture posts. This also works while defending a capture post, as you can also use the shield to block their attacks, giving you some time until you can melee them as they'll usually try to approach the posts to capture them.

To complete the bonus objective, try to rush towards the enemy-captured posts as quickly as possible to prevent your teammates from capturing them instead. Dodge all enemies' attacks unless if they're close enough to you and protect yourself with Super Brainz' shield while capturing.


  • The Chomper, despite beginning with the letter C, is absent from this mode.
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