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For the achievement given for completing this mission, see The Bean Situation (achievement)

The Bean Situation is the third and last gameplay mission given to the player from Super Duper Brainz. When the player completes the mission, they are awarded 5,000 coins.


With the League of Awesome back together, the player and the League of Awesome go onto the center of the Backyard Battleground to fight a Super Bean, along with plant and zombie companions joining the fight. All the player must do is vanquish the Super Bean to defeat the mission.


For more strategies, see Super Bean.
  • The Super Bean's attacks can hit very hard. He can also avoid attacks by his shield and his ability to teleport.
  • Your zombie teammates will not die, but the plant ones will. This means managing the League of Awesomeness members' health will not be needed. However, only the League of Awesome will not die. The Stinky Goat, Newspaper Zombie, and the Backup Dancer can be vanquished. This shouldn't be a problem, though.
  • However, healing yourself is recommended, using any variant of Scientist along with the Zombie Heal Station and/or Mega Heal Bomb.

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