The Advertiser is a zombie Battle Leader in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He is a TV Buckethead that can turn invincible for a duration of 3 seconds every 3 seconds. His Plant counterpart is Lucy.


His name comes from "advertiser", a person or company that advertises using advertisements and other methods of sponsorships. It could also come from The Advertiser, a tabloid published in Adelaide, South Australia.


His ability to become invincible can be quite annoying to deal with. Especially since he can spawn Champion TV Heads, who can push you away from him. When battling him, it's best to use characters who can hit multiple shots in a short time frame, like Kernel Corn or Sunflower, and hit him as much as possible when he's vulnerable. Albeit not as difficult and annoying as Lucy's Champion Night Caps and Hypno-Shrooms, his TV Head companions can still be a nuisance to deal with.





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