Making tomorrow's terror something terrible for today!

Crazy Dave


Terror from Tomorrow in the Far Future map

Terror from Tomorrow is the sixth Endless Zone in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is Far Future's Endless Zone, which is unlocked after beating Far Future - Day 4. In this sense, it is similar to the Endless Zones of Pirate Seas and Wild West because the player unlocks it before the world's Gargantuar battle, and they can encounter zombies that they have not encountered in regular levels yet


(Crazy Dave appears)
Crazy Dave: Hi neighbor! Welcome to the Terror from Tomorrow!
Crazy Dave: Making tomorrow's terror something terrible for today!
(Crazy Dave leaves)


As stated above, you will encounter zombies you have not encountered so far from your progression if you decide to take it on early. Take Winter Melons, Citron, E.M.Peaches, and other useful plants with you. Potato Mine, Primal Potato Mine, and Squash are very helpful because just like the other Endless Zones, the higher the levels are, the greater the number of zombies will come during the very beginning of the wave. Stack up a boosted Iceberg Lettuce or boosted Kernel-pult on levels where most Gargantuar Primes and other machined zombies attack. This can greatly lessen your time to restore lost plants. However, boosted Iceberg Lettuce or Kernel-pult alone is not enough. E.M.Peach as well as Cherry Bomb, Grapeshot, or Bombegranate will help as well, as E.M.Peach will stun the machined zombies and the explosive plant will blow them up.

Use Power Tiles to your advantage. As you complete level after level, Plant Food will become very scarce. Try to only use Plant Food on plants that are already on Power Tiles.

Shield Zombies, Mecha-Football Zombies, Disco-tron 3000s Robo-Cone Zombies, Gargantuar Primes, and Bug Bot Imps are the biggest threats here because they can devastate your set-ups if you do not have all the necessary plants with you. Avoid using the Mower Launch upgrade if you have acquired it, unless absolutely necessary. Keep your lawn-mowers because they are one of your last resort options, while the other one is the power-ups. However, Power Tiles and E.M.Peaches can make levels without Gargantuar Primes easier than any other Endless Zone. Gargantuar Primes are the most dangerous threat here, although the 3.1 update has reduced its power level somewhat. As such, before, levels with Gargantuar Primes were extremely difficult, even with premium plants and boosted plants, but now, they are considerably easier. However, in later levels, Gargantuar Primes can appear very quickly and in large numbers. So don't let your guard down.

Magnifying Grass is a good way to deal with Bug Bot Imps thrown by Gargantuar Primes. If they get burned, they are easily replaceable they only cost 50 sun. Do not rely on Magnifying Grass as your only offensive plant, as they do not do splash damage and require a lot of sun. However, use Blovers first and foremost, since they only cost 50 sun and can kill every zombie in the air.

Since Gargantuar Prime's lasers usually, though not necessarily, are aimed at the last two columns, more expensive plants, like Winter Melon or Coconut Cannons, should go in the other columns in the back. Cherry Bomb/Grapeshot/Bombegranate should be timed wisely and so should the E.M.Peach as it could cause a lot of Bug Bot Imps to be launched by Gargantuar Primes at the same time.

Using Reinforce-mint with Blover is the best strategy to deal with machines in a moment if you have Power Lily with you.

If you know you are about to lose, Power Ups are at your disposal, because you can also pick a free Power Up of your choice.

Strategy 1 (Contains premium content)

Plants needed:

  • Twin Sunflower2
  • Winter Melon2
  • E.M.Peach2
  • Cherry Bomb2 or Grapeshot2
  • Sweet Potato2
  • Chili Bean2 or Squash2 or Shadow-shroom2
  • Blover2

Setup: Place Sweet Potato on the 5th column on lanes 2 and 4. Place Twin Sunflower on lanes 1, 3, and 5 up to the 5th column. Place Winter Melons behind the Sweet Potatoes.

If there is only one flag, follow this setup. If there are two flags, replace one Twin Sunflower in each lane with a Winter Melon then the second flag comes. If there are three flags, collect about 2000 sun and then replace Twin Sunflowers with Winter Melons. Once you get three columns of Winter Melons, you can dig up the Sweet Potatoes.

Strategy 2 (Contains premium content)

Bring Twin Sunflower, Iceberg Lettuce, Cherry Bomb, Winter Melon, E.M.Peach, Blover, and Hurrikale. If you see any Gargantuar Primes at the seed selection, go to the Zen Garden and back until it disappears. Turn on turbo until you have enough sun to plant the first Twin Sunflower. Hold off the first zombies with Iceberg Lettuce, use E.M.Peach to slow down the first machines and if Jetpack Zombies appear, hold off as long as possible to use Blover. While doing this grow your economy and plant some Winter Melons, starting on lanes 1, 3, and 5 for maximum splash damage. As you buy more Winter Melons, use Blover if Jetpack Zombies are becoming to plentiful and use Hurrikale on zombies that are getting too close to your plants. Use Cherry Bomb in the middle of large crowds. Try not to use Plant Food until your storage is full, then when a new one appears on the board, use a Plant Food on a Winter Melon (preferably on a Power Tile) and grab the fresh Plant Food. Don't forget E.M.Peaches to slow the robots.

Strategy 3

Created by Redhonker
This does not require premium plants and you can win without losing lawn mowers

Start planting your Twin Sunflower in the first column (or other left columns depending on power tiles). When first few zombies appear, use Primal Wall-nut to stall them at column 5, until you finish planting 5 Twin Sunflowers. Then plant Primal Peashooters. In higher levels when many zombies come up at once, you have to adapt and start planting Peashooter earlier. Then plant Winter Melons. Watch the Wall-nut to avoid any zombies breaking through. Use Cherry Bomb in emergency. With Primal Peashooters knocking effect, most of zombies will be trapped in column 8-9. The Winter Melons will then kill them all without resorting much to Plant Food. In fact, you can use Plant Food on Sunflowers to collect more suns initially so that you can get to Winter Melons earlier. It will pay you back as you won't need much Plant Foods later.

Ballistic Planet's Strategy Trifecta (Contains premium content)

All three of these next strategies were made by Ballistic Planet. Videos of them are included in the gallery.

Strategy 4 (Contains premium content)

  • Required plants:
    • Primal Sunflower2 or Sun-shroom2
    • Power Lily2
    • Imitater2 (on Power Lily)
    • E.M.Peach2
    • Winter Melon2
    • Tile Turnip2
    • Kiwibeast2
    • One of the following: Hurrikale2 Ghost Pepper2 Primal Potato Mine2 Cherry Bomb2 Grapeshot2 Bombegranate2 Shrinking Violet2 Jalapeno2 Squash2
  • Use against: Anything except Mecha-Football Zombie2 Gargantuar Prime2
  • DO NOT use against: Mecha-Football Zombie2 Gargantuar Prime2

This strategy is the cheapest of the three, and is a fun way to showcase Kiwibeast. The goal of this strategy is to have five Kiwibeasts on the 7th column over Tile Turnips, so as to shred through all the zombies with their Plant Food effect.

To start off the strategy, you need to identify the best place to put your sun producing plant. Ideally, you'll want to place your sun producing plant on the Power Tiles with the most quantity on screen. Place down your sun producing plant on the Power Tiles, and use two Plant Food on them. Then wait for the level to show how many flags there are. If there's only one flag, then don't use any more Plant Food. You're gonna have to except that you're not going to get a full column of Tile Turnips, so just focus on getting two or three down in the 7th column (since that's where you're going to plant your Kiwibeasts). If there's two or more flags, then you can go all out with your Plant Food, since you'll have enough time to get back all the Plant Food you've spent by the end of the level.

After you've used your Plant Food on the sun producers, start planting Kiwibeasts on the 7th column, or the 3rd column closest to the zombies. Place down your Kiwibeast in the same lane as the first zombie, so that he'll start to get eaten (and thus, grow to his second stage). Keep planting down Kiwibeasts until you have a full column of them, or until you see a Jetpack Zombie. Unless you brought Hurrikale, Ghost Pepper, or Squash, defeating a Jetpack Zombie this early will require you to either expend a Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, Grapeshot, or Bombegranate, or build a Winter Melon to stop it. Both of these options are rather costly, so choose wisely.

Once you have a full column of Kiwibeasts, start saving up for Winter Melons. Ideally, you'll want to place your first Winter Melon where the first mech spawns. If the first mech spawns in either lane 1, 3, or 5, then you'll need to place your Winter Melon in its lane, as well as the aforementioned lanes (i.e. if a mech spawns in lane 3, place your next Winter Melons in lanes 1 and 5). If the first mech spawns in lanes 2 or 4, then you'll need to place your next Winter Melon in the other lane I mentioned which it didn't spawn in. (IE if a mech spawns in lane 2, then place your next Winter Melon in lane 4) This gives us the most coverage against zombies.

Once you have your Winter Melons in either the 1/3/5 or 2/4 configuration, start planting your Tile Turnips underneath the Kiwibeasts. You'll want at least 3 Tile Turnips under your Kiwibeasts before you use your Plant Food on them. Try to place your Tile Turnips under the lowest stage Kiwibeasts, so you can try to make all of the Kiwibeasts as large as possible. After you have 2-3 Tile Turnips down, finish off your column of Winter Melons. Once your column of Winter Melons are finished, you may finish the column of Tile Turnips. Once you have a column of Tile Turnips and Kiwibeasts, go ahead and spend a Plant Food on the Kiwibeasts, and watch as they shred zombies. After you've finished your column of Tile Turnips, spam Winter Melons and the columns behind them, since more damage is always good.

Extra Tips:

  • Only use two column of sun producers at most, as any more will flood the lawn with unnecessary plants.
  • Try to use Power Lily and Imitater Power Lily when you have extra sun to. Weaving them into your plantings is key to this strategy.
  • Kiwibeasts should always go into the 7th column. This is because in their large form, they'll be able to hit the zombies as soon as they walk onto the lawn. Just be careful of Imp Bots that can spawn behind them.
  • Tile Turnip on Winter Melons is never as cool as on Kiwibeasts, and Kiwibeasts have the added knockback effect on their Plant Food.
  • Using a Plant Food on a plant restores it to full health, so after you've prioritized the lowest stage Kiwibeast with Tile Turnips, try prioritizing the ones that are lower on HP.
  • Once again, if you see a Mecha-Football Zombie or Gargantuar Prime in the seed select, DO NOT use this strategy, since it's terrible against those two zombies.

Strategy 5

  • Required plants:
    • Primal Sunflower2 or Sun-shroom2
    • Power Lily2
    • Imitater2 (on Power Lily)
    • E.M.Peach2
    • Winter Melon2
    • Tile Turnip2
    • Strawburst2
    • One of the following: Hurrikale2 Ghost Pepper2 Primal Potato Mine2 Cherry Bomb2 Grapeshot2 Bombegranate2 Shrinking Violet2 Jalapeno2 Squash2
  • Use against: Mecha-Football Zombie2 and everything else
  • DO NOT use against: Gargantuar Prime2

This strategy is fairly similar to the previous strategy, but instead uses the power of Strawburst to stop hordes. Keep in mind that this strategy also works in levels where there aren't Mecha-Football Zombies, so you don't have to use the Kiwibeast one if you don't want to. This strategy revolves around using Strawburst to destroy the massive hordes, while Winter Melon stalls them. Tile Turnips can come in after you've finished a column of Winter Melons and Strawbursts to add even more destructive power to the Strawbursts.

The very beginning of this strategy is fairly similar to the previous strategy. Like before, identify the best place for your sun producer, so as to get the most out of the Power Tiles. Use two Plant Food if there's only one flag, and go all out if there's two or more.

Once the first zombie spawns however is when the strategy starts to diverge. You're going to need to either stall that zombie (if you brought Hurrikale, Squash, or Primal Potato Mine, this works best), wait for it get right up next to your sun producers and then kill it, (with Cherry Bomb, Grapeshot, Bombegranate, Jalapeno, or Ghost Pepper), or you'll need to save up for a Winter Melon. For the placement of Winter Melons follow the rule I set in the previous strategy:

If the first zombie spawns in either lanes 1, 3, or 5, then you'll need to place your Winter Melon in it's lane, as well as the aforementioned lanes (IE if a zombies spawns in lane 3, place your next Winter Melons in lanes 1 and 5). If the first zombie spawns in lanes 2 or 4, then you'll need to place your next Winter Melon in the other lane I mentioned which it didn't spawn in. (IE if a zombie spawns in lane 2, then place your next Winter Melon in lane 4) This gives us the most coverage against zombies.

You'll need to save up for a full column of Winter Melons. If a mech comes out during this time, use your luxury instant or E.M.Peach to help defeat it. (Shrinking Violet, Primal Potato Mine, Squash, and Ghost Pepper work best in this instance as they also stall the zombie while helping you take it down.) Once you have a full column of Winter Melons, start working on your Strawbursts.

For Strawburst placement, try to put them in column 1. If column 1 is where your sun producing plants are located, then place your Strawbursts in column 2. Likewise, if column two also has sun producers in it, then place them in column 3. Also have your Strawbursts as close to your house as possible. Once you have determined the appropriate column for Strawbursts, you have a couple of options depending on how the level has progressed.

  • If the mechs are getting pretty far in your defense, plant your first Strawbursts in the lanes where the mechs are located. If your extra instant-use plant or E.M.Peach are off cooldown, try to use them to stop the mechs.
  • If not many mechs have come out/you're doing fine against them, then place your first couple of Strawbursts in lanes 2-4, as once again this provides the most coverage.

Once you have your first couple of Strawbursts on the lawn, finish off the column. After that, you can start planting Tile Turnips under the Strawbursts. Strawbursts plant food effect is extremely strong since it automatically grows the berry to max size, so having all of the berries grow to max size is going to destroy the zombies.

Extra Tips:

  • Like in the last strategy, stay away from more than two columns of sun producing plants, as they fill the lawn with junk.
  • Also like in the last strategy, try to use Power Lily and Imitater Power Lily whenever you have extra sun. Hording plant food is key.
  • Try not to place your Strawbursts any closer than column 4, since Bot Swarms will wreck your Strawbursts.
  • Once you've finished a column of Winter Melons, Strawbursts, and Tile Turnips, you can place extra Winter Melons to help take care of the weaker zombies more effectively.
  • Primal Potato Mine is pretty bad vs. Mecha-Football Zombies, so try to pick any of the other 5 luxury instants.
  • You can finish a column of Strawbursts before finishing the column of Winter Melons, just be sure to have a couple Winter Melons to slow down the zombies.

Strategy 6

  • Suggested plants:
    • Primal Sunflower2
    • Power Lily2
    • E.M.Peach2
    • Imitater2 (on E.M.Peach)
    • Winter Melon2
    • Banana Launcher2
    • Shrinking Violet2
    • One of the following: Hurrikale2 Ghost Pepper2 Primal Potato Mine2 Cherry Bomb2 Grapeshot2 Bombegranate2 Shrinking Violet2 Jalapeno2 Squash2
  • Use against: Gargantuar Prime2
  • DO NOT use against: Any level where there isn't a Gargantuar Prime.

This strategy was tailor-made to take down Gargantuar Primes. It uses the combo of Shrinking Violet + two Banana Launchers to take down Gargantuar Primes very quickly. Although this strategy is very effective if pulled off properly, this strategy is hard to do if you don't have fast hands, or if you're bad at micromanaging, as constant micromanaging is required to pull of this strategy. Before we get started describing the process of this strategy, lets go over some quick notes:

  • Primal Sunflower is strongly preferred over Sun-shroom in this strategy. This is because if the Gargantuars do end up destroying your sun producing plants, Primal Sunflower is easier to replace because it gives it's full amount right away.
  • Hurrikale or Grapeshot are the most preferred luxury instants here. This is because they're most likely to pull you out of sticky situations. Cherry Bomb, Primal Potato Mine, Jalapeno, Squash, and Ghost Pepper, while they're all very good, they don't help out quite as much as Hurrikale or Grapeshot do in the strategy.

The start to this strategy is the same as the start to the other ones. In short, identify the best place for your Primal Sunflowers, and then spam plant food on them. The rule of thumb here though is slightly different compared to the last two strategies.

  • If there's one Flag, use two-three plant food on your Primal Sunflowers, depending on how comfortable you are with the strategy (I'd say two if you're just starting off)
  • If there's two flags, use three-four plant food.
  • If there's three or four flags, go all out.

Once you have enough sun, place down a Winter Melon in the lane of the first zombie, and place down a Banana Launcher. For the placement of Winter Melons follow the rule:

If the first zombie spawns in either lanes 1, 3, or 5, then you'll need to place your Winter Melon in it's lane, as well as the aforementioned lanes (IE if a zombies spawns in lane 3, place your next Winter Melons in lanes 1 and 5). If the first zombie spawns in lanes 2 or 4, then you'll need to place your next Winter Melon in the other lane I mentioned which it didn't spawn in. (IE if a zombie spawns in lane 2, then place your next Winter Melon in lane 4) This gives us the most coverage against zombies.

In this strategy though, it's very important that you have at least one column of Winter Melons in columns 1-3. This is because if there are any imps that somehow get launched from the Gargantuars, your Winter Melons can take them down. Once you have your Winter Melons in lanes 1/3/5 or lanes 2/4, start working on your Banana Launchers.

For Banana Launcher placement, try to place them around the 4th and 5th columns. Gargantuar Primes seem to avoid firing at these columns very often, as they'd rather fire at the back 3 columns. This also a good spot for the Banana Launchers as they barely avoid any stray imps that come their way. You want to get at least 3 Banana Launchers before you finish your column of Winter Melons. After you finish a column of Winter Melons, spam Banana Launchers when you can, as they are your main method for defeating zombies.

Next up is how you deal with zombies. Versus Gargantuar Primes, drop a Shrinking Violet on them. Once they've shrunk, fire two bananas at them, and they'll be defeated. If two Gargantuar Primes come out at the same time in adjacent lanes, the plant a Shrinking Violet on one of them, and then fire two Bananas at each of them. If two Gargantuar Primes come out in non adjacent lanes, you're going to need to stall them with E.M.Peach. Plant down an E.M.Peach, shrink one of them, and then fire two bananas at the shrunken one. Then, either wait for Shrinking Violet to come off cooldown and shrink the other one, or fire three bananas at the non-shrunk one while it's still stunned.

Now Winter Melons will not be enough to handle mechs on their own, so you'll have to use the help of E.M.Peach, Banana Launcher, Shrinking Violet, and your extra instant-use plant to take them down. If the mechs come right up next to your Primal Sunflowers or Banana Launchers, either blow them away with Hurrikale, or blow them up with Grapeshot. If you want to stop them preemptively, then use an E.M.Peach on them, shrink them (but only if there are no garg primes on screen), and then launch bananas at them.

Extra Tips:

  • The best time to use Power Lily in this strategy is when you've just completed a column of something. Once you've completed a column of Winter Melons, then you can plant down a Power Lily. Same with Banana Launchers.
  • You can finish a column of Banana Launchers before you finish a column of Winter Melons, just know that it's riskier to do so. You should immediately try to finish the Winter Melon column after the Banana Launcher column.
  • This strategy is pretty bad against levels without Gargantuar Primes. If you want a good strategy for that, use the Strawburst strategy.
  • Imitater on Power Lily is not advised as there will be times where the Garg can become mobile again while your E.M.Peach is on cooldown.

Strategy 7  (Contains premium content)

This strategy had an essential objective to do before you have enough power to fight the zombies: Plant the sun-producing plants on the most Power Tiles with the same colors (for example, if you have four green Power Tiles on the field, plant four Primal Sunflowers, Sunflowers or Sun-shrooms on them) and give them a Plant Food (if you have at least one) as soon as possible. The enormous amount of sun given will help you set up the defenses quickly, as well as you use a Gold Bloom twice.

To kill the first zombies coming, it is always best to use the cheap plants to eliminate them and make some time to harvest the sun and strengthen the defense.

When the mechanized zombies come into hordes, use the E.M.Peach at the first column on the right, then the combinations with E.M.Peach will work with best performance.

Combinations Purpose Notes
Winter Melon + Primal Peashooter Slow down all the mechanized zombies in range. This combination is very useful when you need time to build/strengthen your defense Plant the Primal Peashooters first to stall the first zombies, then Winter Melon when you have enough sun.
E.M.Peach + Primal Potato Mine (PPM) and its Imitater Disable all mechanized zombies in an area, then the PPM will blow up that area where the E.M.Peach was planted earlier Extremely useful when having to eliminate a wave of zombies quickly, including Prime Gargantuars.

The PPMs should be planted on the first or second column to the right, and after activating the E.M.Peach in order to give enough time for the PPMs to arm themselves.

E.M.Peach + Shrinking Violet and its Imitater Weaken three rows of zombies (with each SV), especially the mechanized ones. This combination will save some time because the shrunken zombies will move slower and take more damage. When the "Bot Swamp" occurs, use either SV to eliminate the Bug Bot Imps quickly or E.M.Peach to give the opportunity for the other plants to attack them. Better if you use both in the same time.

Using premium plants

If you have premium plants, consider using Power Lily, Imitater, Squash, Ghost Pepper, Hurrikale, Strawburst, Grapeshot, Shrinking Violet and Bombegranate. Torchwood is not very reliable, as machined zombies take tons of damage before collapsing, and there is no splash damage for flaming peas, so do not rely on a Torchwood and peashooting plant combination as your only offensive plans. If you use an Imitater, consider imitating Power Lily, Cherry Bomb, or any sort of explosive or one-time use plants. Pea-nut is not a good idea to use in this Endless Zone, because the Zombies come in huge groups in higher levels, eating it easily. Mecha-Football Zombies also will simply push it instead of eating it. Ghost Pepper may be used for dealing additional damage. These can also be useful against Mecha-Football Zombies because they don't push Ghost Peppers. Hurrikale can be used as an alternative for knockback. Strawburst and Grapeshot are needed for dealing huge amount of damage to machines. Shrinking Violet should be used if there are too many machines so you have no problem making your plants obliterate the zombies.

Strategy 8 (Contains premium content)

Plants needed:

  • Primal Sunflower2 or Moonflower2
  • Winter Melon2
  • E.M.Peach2
  • Homing Thistle2 or Dusk Lobber2
  • Blover2 or either Infi-nut2, Squash2, and Stallia2 (if the level doesn't spawn Jetpack Zombie2 and Disco-tron 30002)
  • Primal Potato Mine2
  • Gold Bloom2 (extremely important)

This strategy won't last till Level 100, but leveling up plants can let it get to Level 100 above. The choice between Infi-nut, Squash, and Stallia would be the players choice, and only use them if there is no Jetpack Zombie and Disco-tron 3000, otherwise, use Blover and the combination of E.M.Peach and Primal Potato Mine for the Machined Zombies. Use Gold Bloom first then plant Primal Sunflower/Moonflower. When the first zombie comes, plant a Homing Thistle in a random tile (best if that tile is a Power Tile)/Dusk Lobber in a tile nearby Moonflower, so it will be powered. When more than 1 Jetpack Zombies appeared, use Blover or Dusk Lobber if 2 or 3 are planted. When a Machined Zombie appeared, use a Primal Potato Mine (Squash if there is no Jetpack Zombie and Disco-tron 3000, then use Primal Potato Mine in the second Machined Zombie) Just continue planting Homing Thistles/Dusk Lobbers and when you got enough sun, start planting Winter Melon. Keep planting Winter Melons until you have 2 columns of it. E.M. Peach + Primal Potato Mine can be used to destroy huge amounts of machined zombies, but be careful as a stray Future Conehead/Buckethead can eat the Primal Potato Mine while it is not arming. In every large waves, use Plant Food on Primal Potato Mine to to destroy zombies in every lane. Continue the E.M. Peach + Primal Potato Mine once you have established the Winter Melons and Homing Thistles/Dusk Lobbers. This strategy also guarantees that every end of level, you will still have complete amount of Plant Food, but if the wave is too much, do not hesitate to use more, you may start regaining it by the next level.


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  • After the player unlocks it, Gnorman, a character from Peggle 2, appears inside the UFO, being held by the left mechanical hand. He is then tossed out approximately after three to four seconds.
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