Terracotta Weed (also sometimes named Potted Weed and Flower Pot Weed) is a Spawnable Weed in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. ​It is the strongest headwear Weed counterpart, being more powerful than a Pumpkin Weed. It is the plant counterpart of the Buckethead Zombie. It wears an upside-down Flower Pot (apparently made of terracotta) as a helmet, hence its name.

The Terracotta Weed has 2 attacks, Weed Whip, its melee attack which deals 15 damage and Seed Spit, its ranged attack which deals 25 damage.

It has a festive counterpart named "Feastivus Weed" that wears a broken Christmas bauble ornament as a helmet in place of a flower pot. The bauble gives it a minor health boost compared to the default Terracotta Weed.


Garden Warfare 2

Terracotta Weed

​More than just a fashionable accessory, the terracotta represents the strongest in Weed headwear.

Feastivus Weed

This clever disguise has absolutely no effect on Zombies, but it does provide extra armor!

Battle for Neighborville

​More than just a fashionable accessory, the terracotta represents the strongest in Weed headwear.

AI Health

  • Easy: 102
  • Normal: 136
  • Hard: 170
  • CRAAAAAZY: 204

Feastivus Weed:

  • Easy: 105 HP
  • Normal: 140 HP
  • Hard: 175 HP
  • CRAAAAZY: 210 HP



  • This was originally going to be named the Pothead Weed, in a similar fashion to the Pumpkin Weed, which was going to be called the Pumpkinhead Weed (it is still named so in the vanquish feed) as well as the Buckethead Zombie and the Conehead Zombie, but was changed probably because of it sounding similar to "pot" which is a slang synonym for marijuana, a herbal drug, and "pothead" being slang for someone who smokes marijuana.
    • The base name Weed has also been subject to controversy, as "weed" is also a slang synonym for cannabis, another name for marijuana.
  • The Feastivus Weed's helmet is available as a cosmetic item for the All-Star, known as "Ornament Helmet".

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