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Tents are environment modifiers in Plants vs. Zombies 2 set up by Imp Porters in Lost City. They will be deployed once an Imp Porter reaches a Gold Tile. After being deployed, the tent will summon Adventurer Zombies (60 percentage), Conehead Adventurer Zombies (30 percentage), and Buckethead Adventurer Zombies (10 percentage). They can also come in the form of backpacks if an Imp Porter is defeated before reaching a Gold Tile. Backpacks will function the same, but will not spawn zombies and are slightly weaker. Both tents and backpacks act similar to tombstones, surfboards, and frozen blocks as they block incoming projectiles, occupy a tile, and prevent plants from being planted on them.


Tents absorb 700 damage before breaking. Backpacks absorb 500 damage before breaking.

Related achievement

Spawn Camping2.png
Spawn Camping
Clear a level where 3 Imp Porters have established camps





  • Dropped tents (when placed on a Gold Tile and the player plants any plant on that tile if timed correctly) and backpacks (if the zombie is killed) can crush most plants, including Ghost Pepper, which normally cannot be crushed.
  • Levels will not end until the player destroys all tents remaining on-screen, as they will continue to spawn zombies. However, this only happens if the zombies spawned continuously; quickly killing a spawned zombie without destroying the tent can sometimes end the level with the tent in place.
  • Sometimes when an Imp Porter drops his backpack, the backpack will self-destruct. This happens when an Imp Porter dies in the last column (where the zombies enter the lawn), or when there is already a backpack behind it.
  • The backpack appears to be already damaged, as there is a patch sewed onto it.
  • It is similar to the arcade machine that Arcade Zombie pushes, as both work as a type of obstacle against plants and can summon zombies.
    • Coincidentally, both the tent and arcade machine are found in the second part of their respective worlds.
  • Dropped backpacks can be seen as the opposite of surfboards, as the surfboard will fall on the tile ahead of the Surfer Zombie, while backpacks land behind the Imp Porter.
  • Electric Blueberry is unable to target tents or backpacks with its attack.

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