Ten Pin Kapow is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It requires the player to kill ten zombies with a single bulb from Bowling Bulb. It is worth 5 points on Game Center for iOS devices and 500 XP on Google Play Games for Android devices.


It is a reference to the sport of bowling, when a player knocks down 10 pins with a strike and 1 bowling ball


You can earn this achievement easily in higher levels of Endless Zones. Use a Plant Food on a Bowling Bulb on the row where there is a huge group of zombies. The bulb will deal much more damage and will destroy ten zombies and more.

Another way to earn this achievement is in Piñata Party. If Bowling Bulbs are given, use it against a group of zombies. If needed, you can use a Plant Food to earn this achievement more easily.

An easier way of unlocking this achievement is by playing Big Wave Beach - Day 8. You just have to make sure there are enough zombies on the screen, and use an orange or a charged Bulb. Considering the level only contains Bowling Bulbs and there is a high amount of zombies, the odds are higher for the player to get the achievement. Big Wave Beach - Day 16 is another good way to earn the achievement due to the given high zombie density in the level. You can easily use Plant Food on a Bowling Bulb to take out at least 10 zombies.


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