Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to create a location infobox.
Type {{infobox location|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
{{Infobox location
|Logo       = Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.png
|name       = Zombitorium Manor [defaults to pagename]
|caption    = Insert caption here
|image      = File:Zombitorium Manor.png
|imagewidth = 200 [defaults to 250]
|Game       = Plants vs. Zombies Adventures
|Number     = 30
|Plants     = [[Twin Sunflower]]
|Zombies    = [[Gargantuar|Gargantuar Zombie]]
|Unlock     = Reclaim [[The Sunny Lot]] and travel with 4 friends
|before     = [[The Sand Dooms|<<]]
|after      = >>}}

Results in...

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