Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to create a zombie infobox.
Type {{Infobox Zombie|<...>}} somewhere. This infobox supports up to 10 stat title/info parameters.
Parameter Description
box title optional, uses pagename template as default
image uses a thumbnail version of the image
description functionally useful overview of the zombie
stat 1-10 title name of a specific zombie stat (Toughness, Speed, Special, etc.)
stat 1-10 info details of the zombie stat
pool leave blank for non-pool zombies, type anything for pool zombies (yes, 1, asdf, etc.)
flavor text the sometimes nonsensical descriptions provided by PopCap
Sample output
{{Infobox Zombie
|box title = Dolphin Rider Zombie
|Game = Plants vs. Zombies
|image = Dolphin Rider Zombie2.png
|description = Dolphin Rider Zombies use dolphins to exploit weaknesses in your pool defense.
|stat 1 title = Toughness
|stat 1 info = Medium
|stat 2 title = Speed
|stat 2 info = Very fast, then slow (After jump)
|stat 3 title = Special
|stat 3 info = Jumps over the first plant encountered
|stat 4 title = First encountered
|stat 4 info = [[Level 3-8]]
|stat 5 title = Weakness
|stat 5 info = [[Tangle Kelp]], [[Tall-nut]], [[Split Pea]], and [[Gloom-shroom]]
|pool = y
|flavor text = The dolphin is also a zombie.

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