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Tangle Kelp is a single-use aquatic plant appearing in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He drags the first zombie that makes contact with it underwater, killing the zombie and vanishing after. If leveled up, he can drag more zombies.


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They are based on the Tangle Kelp from Plants vs. Zombies. Their design has been changed to be much less tangled compared to the first game.

"Thus Spoke Zucchini" and "Critique of Petunia Reason," two works mentioned in its Almanac entry, are puns of Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Critique of Pure Reason, two real philosophical works.


Tangle Kelp is unlocked by completing Big Wave Beach - Day 6, and is the world's exclusive plant along with Lily Pad. His mechanic has been changed: When a zombie is spotted, he will first submerge for a few seconds before immobilizing the target and drowning him. If the target dies before this, Tangle Kelp will resurface until another enemy is in his sight. Once again, Tangle Kelp can only be planted in water, and he will be killed if the tide recedes below the tile he is placed on. Deep Sea Gargantuar cannot be killed by Tangle Kelp, but will receive a large amount of damage from it.

Killing ten zombies in a single level by using Tangle Kelps earns the player the achievement Undertow.

Almanac entry

Tangle Kelp



RANGE: Touch
Special: Zombies Dragged

FAMILY: Enforce-mint

Tangle Kelp are aquatic plants that pull the first zombie that nears them underwater.

Usage: single use, on contact

Tangle Kelp likes to go deep. He majored in philosophy. Grab a root beer with him, and he'll go on and on about Nietzsche's "Thus Spoke Zucchini" or hold forth on Kant's "Critique of Petunia Reason." It's cool and all, but sometimes you just want to keep the conversation light. Sometimes you just want to talk about the temperature of the water.


Plant Food effect

Plant Food ability (animated)

When given Plant Food, Tangle Kelp will pull up to five random zombies underwater. Deep Sea Gargantuars can be targeted by Tangle Kelp, but cannot be killed regardless of health. In addition, his drag count is reset, allowing him to drag down multiple zombies again, if Tangle Kelp was upgraded to be able to do so.

Costumed (China only)

It pulls up to six zombies underwater.

Enforce-mint effect

When boosted by Enforce-mint, Tangle Kelp will do an additional 1000 DPS to zombies it can't pull, it can pull an additional three zombies underwater, and it can pull anywhere from 5-7 zombies underwater with its Plant Food effect.

Level upgrades

Level Seed packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge (Sluggish) Starting Recharge Toughness (Typical) Damage (Huge)* Special (Zombies Dragged) Plant Food Power (Zombies Dragged) Range
1 0 0 25 20 seconds 15 seconds 300 dps 400 dps One 3~5 Touch
2 10 1,000 19 seconds 14 seconds 350 dps 450 dps 3~5
3 75 5,000 18 seconds 13 seconds 400 dps 500 dps 4~5
4 200 10,000 17 seconds 12 seconds 450 dps 550 dps Two 4~5
5 400 20,000 16 seconds 11 seconds 550 dps 600 dps 4~6
6 750 30,000 15 seconds 10 seconds 600 dps 650 dps 4~6
7 1,000 40,000 14 seconds 9 seconds 650 dps 700 dps 5~6
8 1,250 50,000 13 seconds 8 seconds 700 dps 800 dps 5~6
9 1,500 60,000 12 seconds 7 seconds 800 dps 900 dps 5~7
10 2,000 75,000 10 seconds 5 seconds 900 dps 1000 dps Three 5~7

*This column shows the damage dealt when it attacks a Gargantuar.

Level upgrades (China only)

Level Upgrades Description
LevelIcon2New.png Tangle Kelp Upgrade 1.png
Vigorous Wield
Tangle Kelp grabs a zombie, and attacks other zombies in front of it, pushes them back.
Combat Training
Tangle Kelp gains 50% more attack power and health (150% of initial).
LevelIcon3New.png Tangle Kelp Upgrade 2.png
Continuous Swing
Tangle Kelp grabs a zombie, and attacks other zombies in front of it, as well as zombies in front of it at adjacent lanes, and pushes them back.
Cell Activation
Tangle Kelp gains another 50% more attack power and health (200% of initial).
LevelIcon4New.png AbilityAwakendIcon.png
Ability Awaken
Tangle Kelp may be boosted when planted.
Fighting Power
Tangle Kelp gains another 50% more attack power and health (250% of initial).


Tangle Kelp continues to see his usefulness be put under question, as the generally increased zombie density in normal levels can render Tangle Kelp obsolete even faster. On the other hand, because the highly dangerous enemies in the Big Wave Beach means that an effective way to fight them in the early level is required, Tangle Kelp may be even more important than he was in the first game. This is important to remember when dealing with Surfer Zombies, which will not consume all other plants on the water.

Tangle Kelp is highly useful against Zombot Sharktronic Sub, specifically on the third phase. When the Zombot initiates its vacuum attack, if a Tangle Kelp is placed in the range of the vacuum, it will jam the Zombot's jet engine, ending the attack and stunning Dr. Zomboss for a short time. However, Tangle Kelp needs to be placed on tiles where there are no other zombie, as it will otherwise submerge and only resurface after all zombies are gone.

Related achievements

Defeat 10 zombies with Tangle Kelp in a single level


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  • As of patch 8.3.1, there is glitch with the encounter between the Snorkel Zombie and the Tangle Kelp in which the Tangle Kelp cannot kill the Snorkel Zombie unless it surfaces long enough to eat a plant or is at the edge of land and water. In open water, the Snorkel Zombie will approach the Tangle Kelp and resurface in attempt to eat it, causing the Tangle Kelp to go under to attack which causes the Snorkel Zombie to go back under since it now longer senses a plant which then causes the Tangle Kelp to resurface again. This interaction will normally repeat 3 times before the Snorkel Zombie is behind the Tangle Kelp. This glitch greatly limits the usefulness of the Tangle Kelp in the already tough Big Wave Beach levels.
  • He is the fourth plant in this game that went through a major redesign. The other plants are Grave Buster, Spikeweed, and Starfruit.
  • In the 5.7.1 update, its seed packet recharge time was changed from 20 seconds to 5 seconds. However, it was later changed back.
  • Like Lily Pad, he can't be used in Pirate Seas. It would still be useless anyway as zombies die when they fall off the planks and into the water.
  • In the Chinese version, it appears to be on land in the Almanac entry, but this is not the case in gameplay.
  • If he attempts to pull down a zombie underwater and was pushed back by Chard Guard, Hurrikale or Primal Peashooter, the Tangle Kelp will "follow" that zombie then proceeds to its ambush once that zombie lands.
    • This is similar to Squash, who will chase a flying zombie off the lawn if Blover blows it off-screen.
  • The authors of the works parodied in the Almanac entry are the same as the actual authors.
  • In Tiki Torch-er, sometimes he will pull a zombie down without making noise.

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