Tall-nut Zombie can take huge amounts of damage, much like the Wall-nut Zombie, and is the fifth strongest zombie in Plants vs. Zombies. It lacks movement speed or any other special ability, so they are not the biggest threat of the ZomBotany Zombies. Its toughness is comparable to a Gargantuar (although it's not quite as high, but same as non-zombie Tall-nuts), able to take two hits from Squashes, Potato Mine, and one hit from the other instant kills, like Chompers or just over three Gloom-shrooms lined up next to it. Also, hypnotizing it is very helpful, as it walks slowly and has tons of health. Other than that, the player can simply block it off with their own Tall-nuts or use any instants, and it shouldn't come too close to their house. It only appears in the mini-game ZomBotany 2, and like the other ZomBotany zombies, it does not have a Suburban Almanac entry.

Plants Vs Zombies - Zombies HP Test

Plants Vs Zombies - Zombies HP Test

Tall-nut Zombie at 4:40


The Tall-nut Zombie absorbs 2400 damage per shot, and its appearance changes upon absorbing 740, 1480 and 2300 damage per shot before dying at 2400 damage per shot.


The Tall-nut Zombie has a very high toughness, like the Wall-nut Zombie, as both zombies have high health and slow speed. A best way to get rid of this zombie is to have at least a normal Squash and an Imitater version in order to kill it faster. Another good way to kill this zombie is to have two Potato Mines so that you can kill it quickly. You can use an awakened Hypno-shroom at it to take advantage of its high defense to fight other zombies for you. Chompers are able to instantly destroy a Tall-nut Zombie regardless of it's health, so using them to get rid of this zombie is a good idea.

For the Ducky Tube Tall-nut Zombies, use a Tangle Kelp to kill it instantly. If paired with a Gatling Pea Zombie or Jalapeno Zombie at once, these combinations can cause havoc at your plants if you are unprepared.



  • Using a Squash on it takes away almost all of its health, leaving it with 600 damage.
  • It is the only zombie with a head that's almost bigger than its entire body, because of its head size being the same size as a normal-sized Tall-nut.
    • Like a normal Tall-nut, it will shed a single tear in pain before meeting its death.
  • It is one of the few zombies that takes more than one instant kill to kill, with the others being the Gargantuar, Giga-gargantuar, Dr. Zomboss and Giga-Football Zombie since these are the top five most powerful zombies.
  • It, Jalapeno Zombie, and Wall-nut Zombie have cut ties (except in the Android version).
    • It is maybe because of their elongated heads.
  • There is a glitch in the DS version when killing them, once the head isn't damaged, its arm will break and if using a Squash, it will fall with its head on.
    • In the PC version, there is a glitch that when the player uses a Potato Mine on a damaged Tall-nut Zombie (but not yet degraded), its face will not degrade, and it will eventually die with a full-health face.
  • Squash Zombies can defeat a Tall-nut in one hit, but it takes two Squashes to defeat a Tall-nut Zombie.
    • This is possibly to make the game harder.
    • It may also be because the instants' power is calculated by damage/health factors, while Squash Zombie only calculates if it hits a plant.
  • The Tall-nut can withstand 7200 damage per shot, while the Tall-nut Zombie withstands 2400 damage per shot. However, that means the Tall-nut Zombie is actually weaker than the Tall-nut.

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