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A Tacobility is a game mechanic in Plants vs. Zombies 3 that gives plants powerful effects. Each level is divided into 2 sections, with a middle stage called "Taco Time" that allows you to plant new plants, shovel them, move them and feed them Tacos, which give them Tacobilities that last the rest of the level. However, you get a limited supply per level, you can increase this taco supply by upgrading Taco Park. In Taco Time, no zombies spawn but you cannot generate sun. You can re-continue the level and exit Taco Time whenever you like.


The name is a portmanteau of "taco" and "ability."


Plant Name Image Description Function
Puff-Shroom Triple Trouble Triple Trouble3.png Fires more puffs with each attack. No longer has a limited life span. Puff-Shroom's Tacobility is the Triple Trouble, which allows it to fire three puffs at a time, as well as removing Puff-Shroom's limited lifespan, allowing it to stay on the field indefinitely.
Buttercup Build Me Up Build Me Up3.png Gains layers of buttery armor, damaging zombies when she butters them. Buttercup's Tacobility is called Build Me Up, in which Buttercup will gain layers of armor, which damages zombies when she butters them.
Garlic Garlic Drone Garlic Drone3.png Blocks flying zombies and gains armor. Vimpires that bite Garlic are instantly destroyed. Garlic's Tacobility is called Garlic Drone, in which Garlic gains a layer of armor that lets him block flying zombies, as well as destroying Vimpires that bite him.
Potato Mine Hothead Hothead3.png Bounces to a random tile after exploding and starts arming himself again. Potato Mine's Tacobility is named Hothead. Which allows Potato Mine to bounce a random lane to arm and explode again. Promoting an unarmed Potato Mine with a taco instantly arms him.
Wall-Nut Jugger-Nut Jugger-Nut3.png Gains a tough outer shell of metal armor. Wall-Nut's Tacobility is Jugger-nut, providing a tough metal shell of armor. This gives Wall-Nut extra health, but due to being armored, this can also protect him from a strong attack that would usually defeat Wall-Nut, giving him, in a way, two lives.
Chard Guard Sharp Re-Leaf Sharp Re-Leaf3.png Regrows all leaves, and each leaf bounces twice. Chard Guard's Tacobility is named Sharp Re-Leaf, causing him to regrow all leaves that he previously lost, and make it so each leaf can bounce zombies twice before disappearing.
Peashooter Repeater Repeater3.png Fires extra peas with every shot. Peashooter's Tacobility is the Repeater, which allows him to fire an additional pea when he attacks. This can be upgraded to allow even more peas to be fired at a time.
Spikeweed Spikerock Spikerock3.png Does extra damage and gains rocky armor that protects against pushed Obstacles. Spikeweed's Tacobility is the Spikerock, which allows him to deal more damage to zombies, while additionally resisting more pushed objects, as he did in previous games.
Cabbage-Pult Cold Slaw Cold Slaw3.png Chills zombies, slowing them with a chance to freeze them solid. Cabbage-Pult's Tacobility is named Cold Slaw, which allows him to slow zombies hit by his cabbages. At higher levels, he gains the ability to temporarily freeze zombies in place.
Kernel-Pult Extra Butter Extra Butter3.png Increases chance of lobbing butter and butter duration. Kernel-Pult's Tacobility is named Extra Butter, which increases his chance of flinging butter, as well as making it so zombies are stunned by butter for a longer time.
Bonk Choy Flaming Fists Flaming Fists3.png Punches out short-ranged fireballs that hit multiple zombies. Bonk Choy's Tacobility is Flaming Fists, which makes Bonk Choy punch out short-ranged fireballs that can pierce through an unlimited number of zombies. The fireballs appear only when Bonk Choy initially punches a zombie.
Caramel Popcorn Super Sticky Super Sticky3.png Lobs caramel blobs more often and slows zombies more. Caramel Popcorn's Tacobility is Super Sticky, making Caramel Popcorn lob caramel blobs more often. These caramel blobs also slow zombies more.
Lightning Reed Forked Lightning Forked Lightning3.png Shoots more lightning bolts with each attack. Lightning Reed's Tacobility is called Forked Lightning, allowing him to fire multiple lightning bolts at a time, hitting more zombies in the lanes he targets.
Melon-Pult Winter Melon Winter Melon3.png Chills zombies, slowing them with a chance to freeze them solid. Melon-Pult's Tacobility is the Winter Melon, which allows him to slow down any zombies he hits, including zombies hit by his splash damage. At higher levels, he gains the ability to freeze zombies solid.
Shuffle Truffle Muffle Muffle3.png Recharges faster and stuns zombies that she bounces. Shuffle Truffle's Tacobility is called Muffle, which speeds up the cooldown between bounces, and additionally stuns zombies once they are bounced.
Blockbuster Twin Vines Twin Vines3.png Attacks with two vines at once, hitting the two closest enemies. Blockbuster's Tacobility is Twin Vines, which allows Blockbuster to attack with two vines at once, hitting the two closest targets.
Butternut Squash Butter Up Butter Up3.png Hits harder & work more times before disappearing. Butternut Squash's Tacobility is Butter Up, which allows him to remain on the lawn after attacking, letting him attack another time. Additionally, he deals more damage to zombies.
Ragweed Snot a Problem Snot a Problem3.png Sneezes out snot that stuns zombies. Ragweed's Tacobility is Snot a Problem, which lets it fire snot when it sneezes that stuns zombies. This can be upgraded to let the snot deal more damage.
Sawgrass Slice & Dice Slice & Dice3.png Recharges faster and increases damage. Sawgrass's Tacobility is called Slice & Dice, which speeds up her cooldown between attacks, as well as making her attacks deal more damage.
Squash Gourdgeous Gourdgeous3.png Does double damage and works more times before disappearing. Squash's Tacobility is named Gourdgeous. This allows Squash to remain on the lawn after attacking, allowing him to attack another time. Squash also deals more damage to zombies he attacks.
Fire Peashooter Spreading Flames Spreading Flames3.png Fires more peas that do more damage, causing fiery explosions in a 2x3 area. Fire Peashooter's Tacobility is Spreading Flames, which makes peas fired by Fire Peashooter explode, dealing damage to all zombies in a 2x3 area. This can be upgraded to allow more peas to be fired and allow for a more damaging explosion.
Pine Needler Looking Sharp Looking Sharp3.png Pierces additional zombies and sprays fragments upon impact. Pine Needler's Tacobility is Looking Sharp, which lets it pierce more zombies with the needles it fires, as well as spraying fragments that can hit zombies in adjacent lanes.
Snow Pea Ice Queen Ice Queen3.png Shoots icy snowballs with a chance to freeze a zombie solid. Snow Pea's Tacobility is Ice Queen, which gives her the ability to shoot snowballs that have a chance of freezing zombies in place temporarily.
Bamboo Shoots Shrapnel Shrapnel3.png Explodes missiles into fragments that damage nearby zombies. Bamboo Shoots' Tacobility is called Shrapnel, which lets rockets they fire split into pieces upon impact with a zombie, hitting other surrounding zombies.
Night Cap Casting Shadows Casting Shadows3.png Pierces more zombies and gives Stealth to adjacent plants. Night Cap's Tacobility is named Casting Shadows, which allows Night Cap's shadow projectiles to pierce more zombies as well as Stealthing adjacent plants, allowing them to not take damage from zombie attacks.
Hydrangea Regeneration Regeneration3.png Grows another head and heals herself over time. Hydrangea's Tacobility is the Regeneration. When activated, Hydrangea will be able to heal herself steadily over time, allowing herself to take more damage without any immediate threat of being defeated. In addition to healing, Hydrangea will also immediately grow one head if she doesn't have all five already


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