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Taco Park is the second location and the first new location in Plants vs. Zombies 3. Five new zombies can be found here. Penny also resides here, as a taco truck. To upgrade Taco Park, Taco Park Blueprints are required.


Gives additional Tacos in each Taco Time!

Special Feature

Taco Park's special feature is that it gives additional Tacos during Taco Time. Every time Taco Park is upgraded, the number of tacos gained during Taco Time increases by one.


Taco Park is more likely to give these seeds. TIP. Increase these rewards by climbing the Devour Tower!

After winning a Breakout Battle the player usually gains seeds. In Taco Park, the following seeds are most likely to be obtained:


Occasionally during a Breakout Battle a message will appear on the screen signalling a trick. Taco Park's message will say Park Trick: Pigeon Plunge, which will signal the spawning of several Zombie Pigeons randomly on the lawn.

Associated Zombies

The zombies that are associated with Taco Park are as follows:


Because of Taco Park's Trick, it is heavily recommended to plant as many Air-Guard plants as as possible, Cabbage-Pults or Lightning Reeds are heavily recommended.

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