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For the playable class, see TV Head.

TV Head is a Spawnable zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He is the ranged counterpart to the Browncoat Zombie, preferring to attack at a distance rather then up close, dealing damage to plants by firing projectiles at them.


TV Heads can be found in the overworld or spawned by players. TV Heads appear to be normal Browncoat Zombies with a CRT television on their heads. They also carry a weapon resembling a VHS player which act as ranged weapons which can be used to fire green VHS tape projectiles at plants.

TV Heads are the plant equivalent of the Wildflower, it deals ranged damage to zombies and can throw an explosive knockback grenade. Once one is spawned, it then has to cool down for 3 minutes.

Primary weapon

As confirmed by the TV Head class, spawnable TV Heads' primary weapon is the Unkind Rewind, it deals moderate damage at a fair distance and can only fire in bursts of three at a time. TV Heads will prefer using their primary, backing up when their opponent gets close.


  • Snack Attack: TV Head's melee attack. As one would assume, Snack Attack deals more damage than TV Heads ranged attack, but at a far shorter distance and at a much slower pace. TV Heads will only use Snack Attack if a target is too close to them, before backing up and using their ranged weapons instead.
  • Overheated Dinner: An explosive knockback grenade sometimes thrown by TV Heads. It deals heavier damage then their primary if it lands a direct hit, but it's splash attack will do very little damage if any at all. Targets hit by Overheated Dinner or its splash will always be launched towards the TV Head that threw it.


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