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#1 Cause of Zombie Cavities
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Sweet Potato is an Epic Wall plant in Plants vs. Zombies 3. She attracts nearby zombies to her lane, and prevents them from advancing forward.


For more information about this character, see Sweet Potato.

Sweet Potato is a Wall plant unlocked by the player after beating Floor 14 of Devour Tower. Her seed packets are more likely to be dropped in Sunnyfield Farm breakout levels.

She costs 3 sun and her ability allows her to attract zombies from adjacent lanes into the lane she occupies. She also has a high amount of health, allowing her to block off zombies from advancing forward on the lawn.

She also has the ability to attract Miner Threats, making them surface before they can reach the back of the lawn.


Sweet Potato2.png

Sweet Potato is based on the plant from Plants vs. Zombies 2 with the same name and ability, with her lighter pigmentation and peel design stemming from her Plants vs. Zombies Heroes appearance.

Sweet Potato's Tacobility may be based on Hot Date, a plant from Plants vs. Zombies 2 who acts similarly to Sweet Potato, but explodes when zombies fully consume him.

Her Tacobility's name may also be a reference to the 1987 film "Fatal Attraction", in which a man cheats on his wife, and realizes he might be in danger when the woman he cheats on her with begins to obsessively stalk him.

Her Tacobility's explosion onomatopoeia is a portmanteau of "adorable" and "blam!".

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.

Sweet Potato
Hot Damage Icon.pngHot Epic
Lane Changer
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Sun PvZ3.png Blocks Zombies. Pulls nearby zombies
from adjacent lanes. Irresistable!
2 tiles
20 s

Effective against:
Power Walker PvZ3 portrait.png Hot Dog Imp PvZ3 portrait.png Chicken Wrangler PvZ3 portrait.png Funeral Crashers PvZ3 portrait.png
Sweet Potato has never said a bad word about anything. She even left a 5-star review for Dr. Zomboss' failed restaurant, "Cerebell-Yum" that said, "Great place to bring your friends to and destroy. Clean bathrooms, too!"


Plant Food effect

Sweet Potato's Plant Food ability is called Irresistable, in which Sweet Potato attracts all zombies in an 8x3 area in front of her and stuns them for a short period of time.


Sweet Potato's Tacobility is the Fatal Attraction, which allows Sweet Potato to explode in a 3x3 area around her when she is fully consumed, in a similar manner to Explode-O-Nut or Hot Date.


Sweet Potato is a very effective plant for her sun cost, possibly one of the best Wall Plants in the game. While having less health than other Wall plants, Sweet Potato is able to attract zombies from other lanes, making you able to ultimately control where the zombies go, similarly to Garlic, except with the opposite effect.

Her ability to attract zombies allows you to focus your firepower in less lanes, allowing for more damage, though zombies will cluster together. You can also use Sweet Potato to divert zombies from a lane with no plants/plants in danger, or group zombies together and destroy them quickly with a Squash or Cherry Bomb.

She also surprisingly, makes an incredibly effective counter to Miner Threats, being able to unearth them in front of her regardless of whether they're in an adjacent lane or not.



  • Her description and Plant Food name misspell "Irresistible," as "Irresistable."

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