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This is a strategy page about Survival: Night Roof (Endless). Feel free to add your strategies, but see the rules page first.

Beginner's Guide: Survival Night Roof Endless Builds

Setting up the builds

See: Survival: Endless/Strategies for setting and laddering skills.

Here is a video demonstrating an ideal condition of laddering. In the real game, it cannot be that perfect, but it shows the general steps of laddering in Night Roof

Moon Night 10 Cob by Nor_st and丨堕落の宝灬


Moon Night 10 Cob

This is the first build to reach 1000 flags in Night Roof Endless. It is currently the most stable build on Roof.

To play it, launch a pair of Cob Cannons every 7 seconds. This tempo can kill all Catapult Zombies before they throw any basketball. To freeze the sky and block the ambush zombies, use an Ice-shroom just after "a huge wave of zombie is approaching" disappears. One Twin-sunflower is enough for this build.

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