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|Diff = Extremely hard
|Diff = Extremely hard
|Plant = Player's choice
|Plant = Player's choice
|Zombie = [[Zombie]]<br />[[Flag Zombie]]<br />[[Conehead Zombie]]<br />[[Pole Vaulting Zombie]]<br />[[Buckethead Zombie]]<br />[[Newspaper Zombie]]<br />[[Screen Door Zombie]]<br />[[Football Zombie]]<br />[[Dancing Zombie]]<br />[[Backup Dancer]]<br />[[Zomboni]]<br />[[Jack-in-the-Box Zombie]]<br />[[Balloon Zombie]]<br />[[Digger Zombie]]<br />[[Pogo Zombie]]<br>[[Bungee Zombie]]<br />[[Ladder Zombie]]<br />[[Catapult Zombie]]<br />[[Gargantuar]]<br />[[Imp]]<br />[[Giga-gargantuar]]<br />
|Zombie = {{S|Zombie|1}}{{S|Flag Zombie|2}}{{S|Conehead Zombie|2}}{{S|Pole Vaulting Zombie|2}}{{S|Buckethead Zombie|2}}{{S|Newspaper Zombie|2}}{{S|Screen Door Zombie|2}}{{S|Football Zombie|2}}{{S|Dancing Zombie|2}}{{S|Backup Dancer|1}}{{S|Zomboni|2}}{{S|Jack-in-the-Box Zombie|2}}{{S|Balloon Zombie|2}}{{S|Digger Zombie|2}}{{S|Pogo Zombie|2}}{{S|Bungee Zombie|2}}{{S|Ladder Zombie|2}}{{S|Catapult Zombie|2}}{{S|Gargantuar|2}}{{S|Imp|2}}{{S|Giga-gargantuar|2}}
|FR = N/A
|FR = N/A
|NR = N/A
|NR = N/A

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[[Category:Day levels]]
[[Category:Plants vs. Zombies]]
[[Category:Plants vs. Zombies levels]]

Survival: Day (Endless) is a hidden level that can be accessed by different ways, such as using a Cheat Engine to unlock the Limbo Page, changing the game mode of Survival: Day or Survival: Day (Hard), or renaming a saved file in the userdata. It is Survival: Endless in the Day area.

How to unlock it

There was a page of mini-games, which were cancelled before the release of the game, called the Limbo Page. The creator did not publish a visible link to this page.

Limbo Page

There was a page of Mini-games which were canceled before the release of the game, called the Limbo Page. The creator did not publish a visible link to this page.

Gain access to Limbo Page

Add three addresses and change all values to 144.

For the original PC version For the Game of the Year version
Address name Type Original value Edited value Address name Type Original value Edited value
42DF5D Byte 136 144 430C80 Byte 136 144
42DF5E Byte 89 144 430C81 Byte 88 144
42DF5F Byte 84 144 430C82 Byte 100 144

See this video tutorial.

Renaming saved files

This can be played by renaming saved files in the userdata folder. There is no need to use a Cheat Engine.

  1. Pick your plants in Survival: Day (Hard) then leave the game.
  2. Go to the userdata folder and rename game#_6 to game#_13 (# is the user number so look for game1_6 if user 1)
  3. Go to Survival: Endless and play it.

Game mode change

You can also access Survival: Day (Endless) by changing the game mode. You must use Cheat Engine to do this. First, open Plants vs. Zombies and Cheat Engine. Play ZomBotany. Type 16 in the value bar and click First Scan. Then, quit out of ZomBotany. Go to Slot Machine and type 18 into the value bar. Click Next Scan. If there is one value, double-click on it so that it is now on the bottom of the screen. If there is more than one address, go back to ZomBotany and type 16 in the value bar again. Click Next Scan. Go to Slot Machine and do the same thing you did the first time until there is one address. Then follow the above instructions as to what to do with it. Then, go to Survival: Day and change the same address to 11. You can now play it.



  • If the player plays Seeing Stars and does not try to fill the area with Starfruit, he or she can somewhat simulate this mode. This can be done without cheating. However, the iOS and Android versions of the game end the level four flags into it, preventing this from occurring.
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