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This is a strategy page about Survival: Day (Endless). Feel free to add your strategies, but see the rules page first.

Beginner's Guide: Survival: Day (Endless) builds

Day endless can be very hard for beginners, since you don't have a pool to plant extra Cob Cannons and Cattails. Also, there will be Giga-Gargangtuars and Zombonis in every row, so traditional cobless builds won't work here. Survival: Endless and Survival: Night (Endless) are prerequisites.

See Survival: Endless/Strategies

5 Cobs strategy


Plants vs Zombies - Survival Day Endless - 5 Cobs strategy

The Structure of Traditional Builds and Common Variants

Cob Cannon

Because the space is very limited, we have to find places to put Cob Cannons on the 1st column. However, we have to defend it from Digger Zombies and Catapult Zombies. Below are two common structures.


Gloom-shrooms are vital in cobless builds. There are two common structures in DE: group-gloom and spear. Group-gloom optimizes the use of Cherry Bomb and alleviates the stress of rows 1 and 5, but rows 2 and 4 are vulnerable against Gigas, Zombonis, and Football Zombies. Rows 2 and 4 are often accompanied by Winter Melons. The dps of spear is a lot lower than the one of group-gloom, so Doom-shroom and Imatater Doom-shroom are needed against Gigas on rows 1 and 5.

Modern builds for skilled players

6 cob with double ice-shroom


DE 6 cob with double ice-shroom

This is one of the most stable strategies in DE, developed by czmppppp in 2010. It requires pre-judged timing of Cob Cannons and Ice-shrooms. The use of ice-tempo helps delay the time when zombies threaten the build. The tempo is Double-ice 3. It follows the pattern of | 2 cob | ice-shroom + 2 cob | ice-shroom + 2 cob |. The time of each wave is 6s, 15s, 15s

This build uses the modern structure against Diggers and Catapults. The ice-tempo freezes the Catapults and kills them before they throw any basketballs.

6 cob with double ice-shroom

Cobless with double ice-shroom


DE Cobless with Double Ice-shroom (slow tempo C3IO)

It is still possible to play cobless in DE. Cobless with double ice-shroom (also called DE0), was developed by zjhrll1 (2013), narpo (2014), and czmppppp (2016). Although it is not very stable, it is by far the best cobless strategy. The main tempo is "card 4 + dps" (abbreviated as C4IO), but sometimes the tempo becomes (C3IO, C5IO, and C6IO), depending on the total hp of zombies.

The first video is the "very slow" tempo, where there are Giga Gargangtuar, Gargangtuar, and Buckethead Zombies, but no Football Zombies. The tempo is C3IO, with | Doom-shroom | Squash + Ice-shroom | Jalepeno + Ice-shroom + Cherry Bomb |


DE Cobless with Double Ice-shroom (slow tempo C4IO)

The second video is the common "slow" tempo, where there are Giga Gargangtuar, Gargangtuar, and Football Zombies. The tempo is C4IO, with | Doom-Shroom | Squash + Ice-shroom | Jalepeno + Ice-shroom | Cherry Bomb


DE Cobless with Double Ice-shroom (normal variable tempo)

The third video is the "normal variable" tempo, where there are Giga Gargangtuar and Football zombies, but no Gargangtuar. The tempo is C4IO-C5IO. Everything is the same as the "slow" tempo except you have to use Spikeweed instead of Jalepeno against prematurely spawned Zombonis.

The fourth video is the "normal fast" tempo, where there are Football Zombies but no Giga Gargangtuar or Gargangtuar. The tempo is usually C5IO, with | Doom-shroom | Squash + Ice-shroom | Jalepeno/Spikeweed + Ice-shroom | Squash/Spikeweed | Cherry Bomb


DE Cobless with Double Ice-shroom (fast tempo)

In other cases without Football Zombies or Gargangtuars (extreme fast and extreme variable), the tempo can be faster. We only need Spikeweeds to poke the Zombonis in the center row, so it can only be easier.

Cobless with double ice-shroom

Firepeas cobless

This was developed by moyonghang1 (2014) and czmppppp (2017), but it is less stable than the traditional DE cobless.

Here is a video.

Firepeas Cobless by moyonghang1 (2014) and czmppppp (2017)

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