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Surfboard is a type of armor and environment modifier that appears in Big Wave Beach in Plants vs. Zombies 2, it is used by Surfer Zombies for protection against lobbed-shot plants, the main purpose of the surfboard is to crush plants, but it can only do so after its owner lands. The surfboard acts like a tombstone or a backpack, as once it crushes a plant, it will stay there. It can be destroyed by lawn mowers but cannot be removed by Grave Buster.


The surfboard can crush a plant when its owner encounters it or dies on land. After being lodged into the ground, it becomes a shield absorbing 700 damage.


See Surfer Zombie.



  • In older versions, Fisherman Zombie could have pulled plants onto surfboards. In newer versions, Fisherman Zombie will pull the plant past the tile with the surfboard instead.
  • It can be placed on the ground already damaged if it was being attacked while being held by Surfer Zombie by lobbed-shot plants.
  • In a promotional picture of Lost City on the iTunes App Store, there was a surfboard on the lawn even though Surfer Zombie does not appear in the aforementioned world.
    • The promotional image was changed within 24 hours of the update to one without a surfboard.
  • In the 3.9.1 update, its health was heavily reduced to 40. This was fixed in the next update.
  • Prior to an update, the surfboard appeared to have no cracks on it when placed.
  • Sometimes, a Surfer Zombie holding his surfboard that has been hypnotized by Caulipower can crush a zombie, killing him instantly.
    • If a hypnotized Surfer Zombie places his surfboard on the ground, that surfboard will be an obstacle for zombies (like a plant) and it won’t be targeted or damaged by plants.
    • If a hypnotized zombie approaches a surfer zombie, that zombie cannot be crushed, wasting the surfboard's ability.
      • This is similar to Squash zombie being comfronted by a Hypnotized zombie - It will attempt to attack but has no effect.
  • It has a small pile of sand under it, even if the world is not Big Wave Beach.

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