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[[File:SuperUltraBallLQ.png|thumb|right|Super Brainz throwing the Super Ultra Ball]]
[[File:SuperUltraBallLQ.png|thumb|right|Super Brainz throwing the Super Ultra Ball]]

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Super Brainz throwing the Super Ultra Ball

Super Ultra Ball is the second ability for Super Brainz in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When used, Super Brainz throws a ball that explodes and deals a large amount of splash damage. It requires at least 20 seconds to recharge before being useable again.


  • It may be a reference to the Hadouken, a move associated with the character Ryu from the Street Fighter franchise.
  • When Super Brainz uses the Super Ultra Ball in mid-air, he will briefly float in mid-air when shooting the ball.
    • This can help the player get a better range.
  • Previously in the beta, its recharge used to be 24 seconds. However, it has been buffed in the January 2016 patch.

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