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Super Sap Trap is an ability for Oak in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. When activated, Oak launches a sticky knockback explosive sap ball which can be detonated. The projectile will deal 125 damage if an enemy if inside its inner blast radius, and 15 damage to enemies in the blast radius.


Launch a massive sticky knockback explosive. Press [left button] to detonate.

Associated upgrades

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Slow enemies who are near Super Sap Trap.

Enemies near Super Sap Trap and Sap Trap are slowed down by 60%.



Super Sap Trap deals 125 damage. This is enough damage to instantly vanquish a Scientist, Foot Soldier, Electric Slide, Imp, Engineer, and Space Cadet. It can also deal heavy damage to classes such as Super Brainz and All-Star.

Super Sap Trap can stop any zombies clustered up together. Like for instance you see a bunch of Foot Soldiers clustered together with a Heavy Helper and a Scientist are in the back healing them. Super Sap Trap will ruin their strategies by vanquishing all of them, scattering those still alive, and have the Scientist running for the hills Use it on any zombie that's dealing a lot of damage to your team or healers.

Although it can deal heavy damage to a lot of classes, Z-Mech and Space Station have a lot of health, making little impact to them. Even if they have lots of health, you can still use it if it has little health, causing enough damage to destroy it.


Approach an Oak carefully, especially if you know they have Super Sap Trap at the ready. If you’re under the 125 health threshold, it’s best to stay away from the Oak, and fight them outside of optimal Sap Trap range. If you are required to get close, be sure to jump frequently and run around the Oak, making it harder for them to land their Sap Trap.

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