Super Brainz is an PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon.png Attack class zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. His ranged Heroic Beam weapon from GW2 has been replaced with the Alpha Better Shield in order to make Super Brainz more melee-oriented. However, Super Brainz can now charge his fist akin to Cozmic Brainz to fire a powerful projectile as a limited ranged option. Finally, his Heroic Kick has been replaced with the Hyper Jump Thump.


In-game description

Super Brainz are close-range brawlers. They close gaps by either leaping in or pushing forward with their Alpha Better Shield.


Primary Weapons

Heroic Fists

Close-range punch with ability to throw charged fists holding [Attack]

In-game description

Super Brainz's primary weapons are the Heroic Fists, a 3 punch combo with short delays between each combo. The first punch deals 30 damage, the 2nd punch deals 35 damage and the last punch deals 42 damage (if you have the Ultra Combo upgrade equipped, he has a new 4th punch which deals 50 damage). While punching, he has a 15% movement speed penalty. Heroic Fists always deal critical damage.

Ultra Flying Fist

Hold [Attack] to charge up ranged fist attack

In-game description

Super Brainz's charged primary weapon is the Ultra Flying Fist: Super Brainz charges his fist to throw a "flying fist" at enemies. It has 3 charges, the damage increases with each charge. The first charge will deal 22.9 damage, the second charge deals 50 damage, and a fully charged Ultra Flying Fist will deal 71.4 damage. The Ultra Flying Fist cannot deal critical damage.

Secondary Weapon

Project a personal shield by holding [Zoom] and move faster while it's deployed

In-game description

Super Brainz's secondary weapon is the Alpha Better Shield. Instead of aiming, Super Brainz projects his Alpha Better Shield in front of him. The shield has 160 HP, and it regenerates its health when not in use. Super Brainz moves faster (excluding sprinting) while the shield is in use.


Heroic Fists

Basic stats
Rate of fire Damage Movement speed multiplier
300 RPM max 30 (first punch)
35 (second punch)
42 (third punch)
50 (fourth punch, requires Ultra Combo upgrade)
Projectile hitbox data
Length Near width Far width Height
4.5 m (14.8 ft) 5 m (16.4 ft) 3.4 m (11.2 ft) 2.25 m (7.4 ft)

Ultra Flying Fist

Basic stats
Charge time Damage Projectile speed Projectile lifetime Projectile travel distance
0.35 s (level 1)
0.8 s (level 2)
1.5 s (level 3)
22.9 (level 1)
50 (level 2)
71.4 (level 3)
105 m/s (344.49 ft/s) 0.26 s 27.3 m (89.57 ft)
Projectile hitbox data
Hitbox type Radius
Sphere 0.35 m (1.15 ft) (level 1)
0.425 m (1.39 ft) (level 2)
0.6 m (1.97 ft) (level 3)

Alpha Better Shield

Shield stats
Shield health Cooldown Shield regeneration rate Regeneration delay Regeneration delay upon destruction
160 0 s 10.666 points/s 0 s 0 s

Brainium Basher 9001

Internal stats
Weapon/ability data
Rate of fire
100 RPM


Left ability
Turbo TwisterBfN.png
Turbo Twister
Spin rapidly, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Center ability
Hyper Jump ThumpBfN.png
Hyper Jump
Jump into the air, then land with explosive energy.
Right ability
Super Ultra BallBfN.png
Super Ultra Ball
Fire an explosive ball of energy.


Perk Cooldown.png
Perk RoleIcon Attack.png
Faster refresh time for all abilities by earning multiple vanquishes rapidly.

Reduces ability cooldown by 100% (10 seconds) for earning multiple vanquishes.
Perk Cooldown.png
Refreshing Revive
Faster refresh time for all abilities by reviving an ally.

Reduces ability cooldown by 100% (10 seconds) when a teammate is revived.
Perk Health.png
Rough Patch
Spawn with more health after suffering multiple vanquishes in a row.

After dying three times in a row, spawn with the maximum amount of overhealth for the currently used class after respawning or being revived.
Perk Health.png
Low Life
Perk RoleIcon Attack.png
Gain health by earning a vanquish when at low health.

Grants 11 health over 3 seconds upon vanquishing an enemy at 20% HP or lower.
Perk Knockback.png
Turbo TwisterBfN.png
Knock enemies away with Turbo Twister.

Turbo Twister knocks enemies 2.35m (7.71 ft) upward and 10m (32.81 ft) backward.
Perk Mobility.png
Stick and Move
Move faster for a short time by landing a three hit combo with Heroic Fists.

Increases movement speed by 50% for 3.5 seconds upon performing a three hit combo.
Perk Cooldown.png
Fallback Plan
Hyper Jump ThumpBfN.png
Hyper Jump Thump refreshes faster if it doesn't deal any damage.

Reduces Hyper Jump Thump's cooldown time by 8 seconds if it misses.
Faster charge rate of Ultra Flying Fist for a short time by dealing damage with it.

Reduces Ultra Flying Fist's and Brainium Bashers charge time by 33.333% upon dealing damage with it.
Speed Bag
Heroic Fists punch faster by earning a vanquish. Upgrade can stack up to three times.

Increases Heroic Fists' rate of fire for 10 seconds by vanquishing enemies. Stacks up to 3 times for a fire rate increase of 7.5%, 15%, and 22.5% respectively. Each stack extends the effect's duration to 5 seconds.
Perk Health.png
Perk RoleIcon Attack.png
Regenerate health when near multiple enemies.

When near one-four enemies within a 10m radius, regenerate 1-4 HP every 0.5 seconds.
Perk Cooldown.png
Critical Blow
Faster refresh time for all abilities by earning a critical vanquish.

Reduces ability cooldown by 5.5 seconds upon critically vanquishing an enemy.
Perk Health.png
Turbo TwisterBfN.png
Gain health by dealing damage with Turbo Twister.

Dealing damage with Turbo Twister heals the player at a rate of 4 HP per hit, can give overhealth.
Perk Mobility.png
Move faster, except when sprinting.

Increases walking speed by 12.9032%.
Perk Health.png
Perk RoleIcon Attack.png
Gain health by earning a vanquish.

Grants 14 health over 3 seconds upon vanquishing an enemy.
Perk Damage.png
Super Ultra BallBfN.png
Deal additional damage for a short time in the area that Super Ultra Ball hits.
Perk Damage.png
Ultra Combo
Gain additional punch in Heroic Fists combo.

Heroic Fists gains a fourth punch in combo that deals 50 damage.
Perk Utility.png
Leveling Up
Earn XP faster.

Earn 10% more XP.
Perk Handling.png
Ready Up
Perk RoleIcon Attack.png
Use weapons and abilities faster just after sprinting.

Reduces sprint exit delay by 41.6875%
Perk Handling.png
Extra Special
Super Ultra BallBfN.png
Raise shield when firing Super Ultra Ball.

Automatically raises Alpha Better Shield when using Super Ultra Ball. Still activates shield if using Brainium Basher 9001.
Perk Health.png
Hero's Moment
Hyper Jump ThumpBfN.png
Gain health for knocking an enemy into the air with Hyper Jump Thump.

Dealing damage with Hyper Jump Thump heals the player at a rate of 15 HP per hit.
Branium Basher 9001
Swap primary and secondary weapon for a charge up dash attack and an upwards strike.

Related achievement

Earn 200 vanquishes as a Super Brainz.



Hyper Jump Thump can be used to jump up ledges or open a fight by dealing damage and pulling plants towards you. It can also be used as a set up for Turbo Twister by pulling lots of plants closer, the Super Ultra Ball can be used to vanquish weak enemies like Acorns or Night Caps or as a finish movement if you are low health to vanquish the weakened enemy and search for a Scientist or wait to auto-heal. The Turbo Twister is very powerful and the reduced damage can be used for a fast escape or regenerate health with the Recuperate upgrade (you need to have an elite Super Brainz) in a situation that you can't escape and you are low health


You want to keep as much distance between you and Super Brainz as possible, due to the huge damage output he has. You can approach and attack if you are a Chomper. It's recommended to use Grody Goop and move in a circle while you attack him or Burrow him 

Tips & Tricks

  • Super Brainz regenerates a small amount of health when he lands a punch (1.5 health every 0.3 seconds that lasts for 2 seconds, resulting in a health gain of about 12), which can be useful in a pinch or when your health isn't automatically regenerating

Balancing changes

October 2019 patch

  • Remove Alpha Better Shield's deploy delay of 0.2s
  • Alpha Better Shield's deactivate deploy time 0.5->0.3s
  • Reach upgrade's charge time increased from 0.6->1.5s for max charge fist
  • Reach upgrade's charge time increased from 1.0->1.0s for second charge fist

November 2019 patch

  • Reduce damage on small Ultra Flying Fist 37->25
  • Reduce damage on medium Ultra Flying Fist 54->40.8
  • Reduce damage on large Ultra Flying Fist 80->70
  • Reduce lifetime of Ultra Flying Fist projectiles to reduce distance 36.75->27.3
  • Reduce projectile size on small Ultra Flying Fist 0.45->0.35
  • Reduce projectile size on medium Ultra Flying Fist 0.525->0.425
  • Reduce projectile size on large Ultra Flying Fist 0.7->0.6
  • Decrease speed penalty when punching with Heroic Fists 0.75->0.85
  • Adjust hit box size of Heroic Fists punches
  • Heroic Fists length increase 3.2->3.75
  • Heroic Fists near width increase 3.2->3.5

November 27 2019 Update (Pre-TTK)

  • Increase Super Ultra Ball direct damage 75->100
  • Decrease Super Ultra Ball splash damage 75->50
  • Increase Super Ultra Ball ability refresh time 18->20
  • Decrease Super Ultra Ball blast radius 5.0->3.0
  • Increase Super Ultra Ball shockwave radius 7.5->8.5

Early December 2019 TTK Changelist

  • Increase Heroic Fists 3rd punch damage 40->42
  • Decrease Ultra Flying Fist damage 1st charge 25->22.9
  • Increase Ultra Flying Fist damage 2nd charge 40.8->50
  • Increase Ultra Flying Fist damage Full Charge 70->71.4
  • Increase Alpha Better Shield health 100->120

January 2020 patch

  • Increased health gain per punch landed and effective area of Heroic Fists
    • Increased health gain from 1 HP per 0.3 seconds to 1.5 HP per 0.3 seconds
    • Changed damage trapezoid x- and y-offset from -0.35 and 2 to -0.85 and 2.5 respectively
    • Increased length from 3.75 to 4.5
    • Increased near width from 3.5 to 5
    • Increased far width from 2 to 3.4
    • Decreased height from 3 to 2.25

March 2020 patch

  • Bone Collision
    • Decrease head, arm, spine, and fist collision sizes
    • Increase max health 150->175
  • Alpha Better Shield
    • Increase health 120->160
    • Decrease shield regen rate 15->10.666 health/sec
    • Decrease shield regen delay 2.0->0.0 sec
    • Decrease shield regen delay from destroyed 10->0 sec
    • Decrease min shield health from destroyed 40->22 health
    • Decrease strafe speed modifier 0.8->1.0x
    • Increase backpedal speed modifier 1.0->2.0x
    • Remove transition time back to Heroic Fists
    • Fix issue with shield not being lowered when picking up Gnome Bomb

May 2020 patch

  • Alpha Better Shield
    • Fix the issue with aim setting “Toggle Aim” not working with shield
  • Turbo Twister
    • Increase damage per hit 13->16, for a total damage increase of 104->144
    • Increase speed multiplier 1.35->1.4x
    • Increase max damage range 2.75->4.25 m
    • Increase min damage range 6->7.5 m
    • Increase refresh time 14->18.5 sec
    • Increase active time 1.25->1.55 sec
  • Hyper Jump Thump
    • Decrease victim launch radius 12->10 m
    • Decrease blast radius 8->6 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 10->6.25 m
  • Super Ultra Ball
    • Decrease refresh time 20.5->17.85
    • Decrease blast damage 50->25
    • Increase blast radius 3->5 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 8.5->5.25 m
    • Return character control sooner after Ultra Ball has been unleashed
  • Upgrade Typhoon
    • Knocks enemies upward on each hit
  • Upgrade Speed Bag
    • Fix the issue with duration not resetting properly on each vanquish
    • Fix the issue with speed increase not stacking properly
    • Add VFX treatment to show when the upgrade is active

July 2020 patch

  • Brainium Basher 9001
    • Charge attack doesn’t happen if caught in spikeweed
  • Heroic Fists
    • Fix issue with Alpha Better Shield canceling attack follow-through for each punch
  • Alpha Better Shield
    • Can activate sprint while shield is up, removing need to lower shield first
  • Upgrade Speed Bag
    • Update text to read “Heroic Fists punch faster and Brainium Basher 9001 charges faster by earning a vanquish. Upgrade can stack up to three times.” Old text did not reflect the effect on Legendary Upgrade.
  • Upgrade Extra Special
    • Fix issue with shield being lost post Super Ultra Ball if it was used throughout ability

September 2020 patch

  • Alpha Better Shield
    • Moved position up and pitch slightly up so it is harder for enemies to jump and shoot over
  • Super Ultra Ball
    • Camera rework so you don’t lose sight of your target
  • Legendary Upgrade Brainium Basher 9001
    • Lvl 1: from 1.0->1.2 seconds
    • Lvl 2: from 0.75->1.1 seconds
    • Lvl 3: from 0.5->1.0 seconds
    • Increased refresh time per each charge
    • Increased refresh time for uppercut 2.5->3 seconds
  • Upgrade Reach
    • Now works with Brainium Basher
  • Upgrade Speed Bag
    • Increased equip cost from 2->4
    • Now triggers and any weapon vanquish
    • Increased duration and window to chain 5->10 seconds
  • Upgrade Stick and Move
    • Increased duration 2->3.5 seconds
    • Decreased speed multiplier 1.75->1.5x
  • Upgrade Extra Special
    • Decreased equip cost 3->1
  • Upgrade Recuperate
    • Fix issue with it not granting health on a per victim trigger
    • Now gives overhealth
  • Upgrade Scorched
    • Increased active time 4->6 seconds
    • Decreased damage from 4->2.67
  • Upgrade Hero's Moment
    • Increased health gain per victim 5->15
    • Now gives overhealth
    • Increased max overhealth cap 1.33->4
    • Overhealth increase only lasts 4.5 seconds
    • Fix issue with only one instance of health being applied
  • Upgrade Fallback Plan
    • Increased refresh rate multiplier from 2->3x
    • Increased duration of multiplier from 2->3 seconds
    • Increased equip cost 2->3


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  • Super Brainz is the only class to have gotten two legendary skin sets from prize maps, being the class to own the legendary skins in Lawn of Doom and Summer Nights.
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