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Super Brainz is a new playable zombie class in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. His design resembles a superhero. Apparently, he thinks he is an undead 80's action star. He is the zombies' melee class. He can punch plants up close with his Heroic Fists, but can also change his weapon from melee to ranged, and he can shoot plants from afar with his Heroic Beam.


This hero has an offensive option for every occasion. Need to make an entrance and smash your way to victory? His three-hit punch combo has you covered. Need to make your mark from a distance? Look no further than his awesome hand laser.


Heroic Kick

Super Brains unleashes a dive down kick dealing lots of damage to the plant(s) he hits.

Super Ultra Ball

Super Brains fires (as the name suggests) a super ultra powerful ball which deals lots of damage to plants it makes contact with splash.

Turbo Twister

Super Brains spins around rapidly, damaging plant(s) he hits.



  • He could be a reference or parody of Superman.
  • It is also possible that he could be a reference to the character Ryu from the Street Fighter series.
    • This is supported by the fact that his Super Ultra Ball resembles a hadoken.
    • Additionally, his Heroic Kick move resembles the Falcon Kick, a move performed by Captain Falcon in the Super Smash Brothers series.
    • Also, the final punch of his three-hit Heroic Fists combo somewhat resembles the Shoryuken.
  • There are a few words about him in the official article: "Super Brainz is a zombie super hero who thinks he’s an 80’s action movie star."
  • He is the only zombie class in the Garden Warfare series that does not use a weapon.
  • He is the first and one of 2 characters to have 2 primary weapons, depending on how far or close he is to his target, the other being Captain Deadbeard.
  • His huge chin is a reference to the fact that many male superheroes (for example, Batman) have such large chins.

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