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Super Bean is a plant boss in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2​. He is a large, floating Laser Bean boss with a large red cape, similar to one of the Laser Bean's costumes in Plants vs. Zombies 2​.


  • Force Field: Super Bean periodically generates a shield that blocks incoming damage. The shield must be destroyed first before the boss actually takes any damage from attacks. The shield regenerates after using Escape Teleport.
  • Teleport: Warps a short distance away.
  • Escaping Teleport: Super Bean spins in place, then opens a portal and disappears into it. He will reappear at another spot shortly afterwards, with his shield regenerated.
  • Laserbean: Fires a rapid burst of lasers from his eyes in bursts of three. This is a big threat, as one burst can do 20 damage.
  • Trample: Spins around to damage and knock back enemies. Does 15 damage.
  • Overbean: His eyes glow blue to indicate the attack is in use. While this is active, Super Bean takes 80% less damage and can fire a devastating laser from his mouth that deals little amounts of constant damage. Overbean is used only after his HP is below half.

Super Bean Boss Wave

When the slots land on 3 Super Bean icons, a super boss wave will occur. Super Bean emerges from the ground in a cutscene, and chuckles loudly. During a Super Bean wave, Mystic Flowers and Zen Cactus appear often, as well as a metal variant (either Metal Petal, Armor Chomper, or Iron Citron).


He goes warping around super fast, so he will be hard to hit, similar to Baron von Bats. Destroying the shield quickly is a great help, and Super Brainz's Turbo Twister is a quick method of doing so. There is a big problem, however, Super Bean can stop certain abilities with his spin attack and his Overbean can reduce damage dealt to him. However, he does not have many methods of attacking, so dodging this boss' 3 attacks should be easy. 



  • The portal he uses to teleport bears a resemblance to the portals from Portal and may also be a reference to Portal Combat.
  • Unlike Laser Bean, he does not have an antenna on his head.
  • He is the only plant boss overall to not have a ragdoll mode when vanquished.
  • His Overbean attack may nod to Laser Bean's Plant Food effect in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • There is a glitch with him where if he enters his Overbean state at the same time he uses his Escape Teleport. He can still be damaged when firing the Overbean laser.

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