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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
For the characters that the line is based on, see Sunflower and Twin Sunflower.

The Sunflower Line (向日葵系; pinyin: xiàngrìkuí xì) is a Class A PvZAS Icon GentleGentle plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.

It consists of Sunflower (向日葵; pinyin: xiàngrìkuí), Twin Sunflower (双胞向日葵; pinyin: shuāng bāo xiàngrìkuí), and Triplet Sunflower (三胞向日葵; pinyin: sān bāo tàiyánghuā). They all heal plants and attack by firing beams of sunlight.

Almanac entry

Sunflower line Almanac

Ways to obtain

Sunflower line is given as a reward for collecting 25 stars in The Great Wall of China. while puzzle pieces for this line can be obtained through replaying The Great Wall of China - Day 13, Pirate Seas - Day 23, Dark Ages - Night 3 or Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 3. Additional puzzle pieces can be obtained through Soulmates Puzzle system.


Abilities are unlocked by tiering up, while their effect is increased through star leveling.

Note: 10(+5)% means that at LV1 this ability has a 10% on LV1, 15% on LV2 and so on.

Tier Effect Description
1 Sunflower line Ability1
Heals all plants.
If a plant is shielded, its health will be recovered first.
Additional heal 211(+211).
2 Sunflower line Ability2
Sunshine Support
At the start of each turn has a chance to give sunshine to a random plant.
Sunshine increases damage (for Brave plants) or defense (for Tenacious plants) by 114(+114).
Can't target herself.
3 Sunflower line Ability3
Photosynthesis has a 10(+5)% chance to heal twice or thrice (at random) as effective.

Star leveling

After unlocking the Sunflower line, additional puzzle pieces can be used to upgrade it, which increases its stats and ability LVs.

Stars Puzzle Pieces&LV IconAS required Upgrade Coins Stars Puzzle Pieces&LV IconAS required Upgrade Coins
1 Green StarAS 0 HP IconAS+258 0k 1 Purple StarAS 40 Dmg IconAS+109 100k
2 Green StarAS 2 HP IconAS+380 1k 2 Purple StarAS 40 HP IconAS+519 121k
3 Green StarAS 4 Heal+219 4k 3 Purple StarAS 50 Dodge+720 144k
4 Green StarAS 8 Dmg IconAS+62 9k 4 Purple StarAS 50 Dmg IconAS+152 169k
5 Green StarAS 15 Def IconAS+292


16k 5 Purple StarAS 60 HP IconAS+695


1 Blue StarAS 15 Dmg IconAS+75 25k 1 Orange StarAS 60 Dmg IconAS+168 225k
2 Blue StarAS 20 HP IconAS+398 36k 2 Orange StarAS 70 HP IconAS+846 256k
3 Blue StarAS 20 Crit+167 49k 3 Orange StarAS 70 Rigid+345 289k
4 Blue StarAS 30 Dmg IconAS+80 64k 4 Orange StarAS 80 Dmg IconAS+192 324k
5 Blue StarAS 30 Dmg IconAS+90


81k 5 Orange StarAS 80 HP IconAS+1054




Sunflower line stats will be increased if these specific plants are unlocked.

Plant line Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Pea line Peashooter2
HP IconAS+5%
HP IconAS+10%
Gatling PeaAS
HP IconAS+15%
Corn line Kernel-pultAS
Def IconAS+5%
Def IconAS+10%
Cob CannonAS
Def IconAS+15%
Stump line+
Tree line
ElderwoodAS+Small BushAS
Def IconAS+5%
Def IconAS+10%
Def IconAS+15%


Sunflower is one of the starter Tier 1 plants and the starter Gentle plant. In the earlier levels, Sunflower is able to hold off a lane pretty well and can take out zombies as long as there are not too many. However, in later levels, if not upgraded, Sunflower will be much weaker and will have trouble surviving and healing, which is why it is strongly recommended to upgrade Sunflower when you get the chance.

The evolutions are straightforward. In short, they enhance the healing and stats of the Sunflower.

The Sunflower line's active ability heals all allies. This can be useful if many piercing or backstabbing enemies are coming. However, if zombies attack front plants only, single-target heal of Radish can be more useful.


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Triplet SunflowerAS
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Triplet SunflowerAS


  • The Sunflower line is the flagship line for Gentle plants in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.
  • Sunflower line used to have two attributes, mechanics of which were removed from the game.
    • Sunflower line's element was fire.
    • Sunflower line's feature was purple.
  • Sunflower line used to have combinations with Hazelnut line, which increased Sunflowers' health by 20%, and Bomb line, Magnet line and Pea Pod line, all of which increased Sunflowers' attack and dodge by 10%.
  • Plants vs. Zombies All Stars is currently the only non-Garden Warfare game where she can attack zombies. This may change in the future.
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