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Sunflower is a sun-producing plant in Plants vs. Zombies 3, who appears at the beginning of the game, alongside Peashooter, Wall-Nut and Bonk Choy. She emits sun, in order for the player to place plants on the lawn. She is part of the UI in the game, above the seed packets.



She is based on the plant of the same name from the previous games. However, unlike the previous installments, she doesn't serve as a useable plant.

Like the previous two installments, Sunflower is based on the common sunflower (Helianthus annuus). The sun in her name refers to her ability to produce sun.


Unlike previous installments, Sunflower gives sun at a rate of 3 sun every 7.5 seconds. You only have one Sunflower per match. She also stops producing sun after 45 seconds if a new wave of zombies does not appear.

Due to this more strategic approach to Sunflower, you have to spend sun more wisely than in previous games, as you have a fixed rate of sun that cannot increase.

You can feed Sunflower Plant Food and Tacos for extra sun.



  • Prior to the May 2020 update, she used to emit 1 sun every 3 seconds.
  • She is the only returning plant that cannot be planted in Plants vs. Zombies 3, along with Cherry Bomb.
    • However, the Cherry Bomb can be planted anywhere even on top of any plant.
  • Sunflower went through many changes since the Pre-Alpha version of Plants vs. Zombies 3. At first, she was an image of a Sunflower's head, then updating to a head that was more PvZ 2 like, eventually becoming a model with pointy leaves, and finally getting a new model with rounded leaves.
  • Her sun meter used to be rectangular, now being in a circular shape.
  • Sunflower will get worried whenever any zombies are about to reach the house. Her expression returns to normal when those zombies are defeated.
  • Sunflower also seems to laugh after using plant food.
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