Sun Pharaoh is a Super Rare variant of the Sunflower in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. She was added in the Zomboss Down DLC Pack.

Stickerbook description

Little was known about the Sun Pharaoh until her sunflower-shaped pyramid was discovered in the early eighteenth century. According to the local hieroglyphs she enjoyed long walks on the beach, had many catnip companions and enjoyed eating chicken salad sandwiches.

In-game description

Sun Pharaoh's Cobra Laser fires in a three shot burst!

Primary weapon

The primary weapon of Sun Pharaoh is the Cobra Laser; all facts below apply to a fully upgraded weapon.

  • The base close range damage per hit is 13 and the critical is 15.
  • The max DPS at close range is 72.0.
  • The base middle range damage per hit is 12 and the critical is 14.
  • The max DPS at middle range is 67.2.
  • The base long range damage per hit is 11 and the critical is 13.
  • The max DPS at long range is 62.4.
  • The weapon deals no splash damage.
  • The ammo in a clip is 36.
  • The reload time is 2.2 seconds.
  • The projectile speed is medium.
  • The weapon is a 3-burst weapon.
  • The bloom is low.


Heal Beam

Heal Beam allows the Sunflower to heal nearby plants.


Sunbeam plants the Sunflower down and shoots a powerful sunbeam that deals seven impact damage and eight critical damage.

Heal Flower

With Heal Flower, the Sunflower deploys a Heal Flower that can heal all plants near it.

Rainbow Heal Beam

An alternate ability of Heal Beam, Rainbow Heal Beam does not do anything different from its normal ability; it is merely a cosmetic difference.

Solar Flare Beam

An alternate ability of Sunbeam, Solar Flare Beam is more powerful than Sunbeam and deals 10 impact damage and 12 critical damage. It has less ammo than Sunbeam and takes a bit longer to start shooting the beam.

Dark Flower

An alternate ability of Heal Flower, the Dark Flower shoots lasers to attack zombies, but does not heal.

Rainbow Heal Flower

Another alternate ability of Heal Flower, the Rainbow Heal Flower constantly gives out healing sun but gives out one at a time. Exclusive to Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

Weapon upgrades


Cobra-like Reflexes

By watching snakes at the zoo, she has found new techniques to reload faster.

Solar Prism

The solar prism concentrates more sun energy, increasing ammo.

Calibrated Snake Gems

A new technique to cut snake gems increases the intensity of the heat released, providing a boost to damage.


The Sun Pharaoh's primary weapon aids her in 1v1 matchups, due to its potential damage per second far exceeds any Sunflower variants due to its high rate of fire and its projectile's damaging properties. This helps the Sunflower to protect herself better as well as being less reliant on other plants. However, it should be noted that the weapon fires in 3-round bursts, which require great accuracy from the player.



Sun Pharaoh (In-Game) 22 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Sun Pharaoh (In-Game) 22 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare


  • There was an exploit with this plant where if the player rapidly tapped RB instead of pressing it once the Cobra Laser would fire out all its ammo, dealing extremely massive damage. However this was shortly patched before any players could abuse it.
  • Sun Pharaoh has an appearance, title and background similar to Cleopatra; one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs of all time.
  • Sun Pharaoh and Metal Petal are the only variants of Sunflower without the word "Flower" in their names.
  • Two of her weapon upgrades are related to snakes.
  • Sun Pharaoh is the only Sunflower variant that is counted as long-ranged in the Stickerbook.

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