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Suburbination is a game mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It was released in the Suburbination DLC update.

In Suburbination, both teams are pitted against each other to capture three command posts and to gather 100 points. The first team that reaches the score limit wins. 

The command posts will start as neutral and will appear as either Gardens or Graveyards, depending on which faction controls them. 

The more gardens or graveyards a team has, the more points they score. 

Command posts controlled by the opposing team can be neutralized (reverting them to neutral) and captured for your team by clearing out all opposing team members and then staying near the command post and holding off enemies until it caps. The neutralization process and the capture process take 8 seconds to complete each, and if a player enters the capture radius while an opponent is within it (or vice versa), the timer will freeze, and it will remain frozen until ether team is driven off. 

If either team controls all 3 command posts at the same time, it will trigger a "Suburbination!" effect and all players on that team will gain 10 coins every 2 seconds. In addition to that, the team's score counter will start to go upwards at a progressively faster rate, prompting the opposing team to stop the Suburbination quickly or else their adversaries will win.



Capture the three gardens scattered around the map. Holding a garden gives your team points!

PvZ: GW2

Players compete to raise tombstones and gardens and try to suburbinate the other team. Fireworks appear when suburbinating.

PvZ: BfN

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This game mode is similar to the "Domination" game mode in popular FPS games where both teams needed to capture all three points to win the game.

The name of the game mode is a portmanteau of "suburbia" and "domination."


Sound Description
Plant Suburbination Music
Zombie Suburbination Music

Related achievement

Suburbination Domination
Capture 20 Gardens in Suburbination



  • If one listens closely, some parts of the soundtrack sound like Plants vs. Zombies 2's boss music, except some parts have a Christmas feel in it.
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