Street Team is an achievement that can be obtained on the Nintendo DS version of Plants vs. Zombies. In order to unlock it, the player must play DS Download Play at least once.


Street Team2

Street Team not achieved

This is the easiest achievement to get in the DS version because when using the DS' Download Play feature, another person does not need to have their own copy of the game, meaning the player can get this as long as they know someone with another DS. To achieve it, the player needs to play Versus Mode with a friend using DS Download Play. In order to connect to a Download Play game, click on it and wait for Plants vs. Zombies to appear. You will unlock DS Multiplayer (in the "More" section it will show up as "Vs.") early in the game, in Level 2-1. However, if the player does not have another DS system to use, this achievement is literally impossible to achieve unless they get another one.


  • It is one of the few achievements that do not require tactics or skill, with the others being Lucky Spin and Peking Express. It is regarded to be one of the easiest achievements in any version of the game.
    • Technically, the player has to beat Level 2-1 in order to even get this achievement, which may require little tactics/skill.

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