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The store serves as a general shop in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Currencies like money, coins, gems, and mints can be used to purchase plants, costumes, piñatas, other currencies, upgrades, and bundles. The store is divided into seven different shops, each having different selection of purchasable items. Discounts on the prices are frequently made and announced through social media platforms or directly in the game.

Fresh picks shop

Fresh picks shop2.png

The fresh picks shop offers limited special offers that get updated constantly. The special offers include Featured Plant of the Week, plants featured in Epic Quests, various bundles, piñatas, and costumes. Limited-time deals and sales are also featured here.

Piñata shop

Pinata shop2.png

In the piñata shop the player can buy piñatas that contain seed packets to level up plants. Can be bought with gems, coins, or money. The shop always contain a special edition piñatas that get changed regularly, and piñatas for worlds the player has unlocked.

Plant shop

Plant shop2.png

The plant shop offers premium plants which can be bought using money, gems, or mints. Plants sold in gems and mints are not shared with other profiles of the player while plants sold in money are shared with any profile of the player. Some plants are only sold for a limited time period while others are always in the store. Sometimes, some plants are sold in a discount prize or a premium plant for gems, depending on the current event.

Coin shop

Coin shop2.png

Coin shop offers one of the game's main currencies, coins. They can only be purchased with real money. Coins bought in the store are only bought for the current profile of the player and cannot be shared through different profiles. Quick coin shop menu can be reached by tapping the plus button near the money counter on the top right of the screen.

Coins Description Icon Cost
5,000 Coins, coins, coins! 1-0.png €3.49 EUR
10,000 This'll buy me a thing or two! 2-0.png €5.49 EUR
22,000 More coins, more fun! 3-0.png €10.99 EUR
50,000 Coins galore! 4-0.png €21.99 EUR
150,000 So many coins! 5-0.png €54.99 EUR
350,000 Best Value! So very many coins! 6-0.png €109.99 EUR

Gem shop

Gem shop2.png

Gem shop offers gems which can be bought using real life currencies. Gems bought in the store are only bought for the current profile of the player. There are five different deals in this shop. The deals get more advantageous as more gems are bought at the same time. Quick gem shop menu can be reached by tapping the plus button near the gem counter on the top right of the screen.

Gems Description Icon Cost
20 Pocket full of Gems! 20 gems.png €2.29 EUR
50 The sparkle and shine, so many Gems! 50 gems.png €5.49 EUR
110 It's raining Gems, Gems, Gems! 110 gems.png €10.99 EUR
250 A treasure trove of Gems! 250 gems.png €21.99 EUR
700 Swimming in Gems! 700 gems.png €54.99 EUR
1,800 Best Value! A fountain of Gems! 700 gems.png €109.99 EUR

Bundle shop

Bundle shop2.png

Bundle shop is the sixth tab of the store where bundles, containing packs of coins, plants, upgrades, and piñatas are sold together. Bundles are only sold with real life currencies. Plants and upgrades bought inside a bundle are shared with all the profiles of the player while coins only cover their current profile. Bundles are more expensive than each of their individual components or their pairs but cheaper than all 3 combined. Therefore, buying a bundle is recommended only if the player desires to buy all three pieces of the bundle. If the player has already bought a plant or an upgrade that is a part of a bundle individually from other shops, that bundle will no longer be available for the player. Currently, there are three main bundles. Note that there are no bundle exclusive items and every item inside a bundle can also be bought individually from the coin shop, plant shop, or upgrade shop, though buying bundles is a better deal than buying the three items individually.

Bundle name Starter Bundle Sap-fling Reforestation Bundle Grapevine Bundle Dragon's Hoard Bundle Torch Bundle Power Bundle
Components Hdse.png 1-0.png Shovel Bonus.png HDSapFling2.png 5 sprouts.png 2-0.png GrapeshotHD.png 1-0.png Sun Bonus.png HDColdSnapdragon.png 1-0.png 50 gems.png Torchwood HD 2.png 3-0.png Bonus Seed Slot.png Hjala.png 4-0.png Sun Bonus.png
Squash 5000 coins Shovel Bonus Sap-fling 5 sprouts 10,000 coins Grapeshot 5000 coins Sun Bonus Cold Snapdragon 5000 coins 50 gems Torchwood 20,000 coins Bonus Seed Slot Jalapeno 40,000 coins Sun Bonus
Description Squash your foes, pick up 5000 coins and get a shovel bonus! Plant a forest with zombie-slowing Sap-fling, 10,000 coins, and 5 Sprouts! Back your new Grapeshot with 5000 coins and extra sun. Cold Snapdragon, 50 gems, and 5000 coins! Torch zombies, get 20,000 coins and use an extra plant! Burn your enemies, add 40,000 coins and start with Additional Sun!

Upgrade shop

Upgrade shop2.png

Upgrade shop is the last tab in the store. There is a total of four store-exclusive upgrades in the game that can be found in this shop. Real life currencies are used in this shop for buying them. Upgrades bought here will be shared with all the profiles of the player and enhance the gameplay experience. Upgrades resemble golden trophies and can be viewed in the "Upgrades" tab of the Almanac. Players can buy the shop-exclusive upgrades directly from the Almanac too, without stopping by the upgrade shop. Upgrades can also be found in the bundle shop, packed with some plants and coins.

Upgrade Sun Bonus Plant Food Bonus Shovel Bonus Bonus Seed Slot
Icon Sun Bonus.png Plant Food Bonus.png Shovel Bonus.png Bonus Seed Slot.png
Description Start with 25 extra sun in the bank! Hold onto one more Plant Food during a level! Get an additional 25% of sun cost back when shoveling up plants! Lets you choose another plant type every level!
Cost $0.99 $0.99 $0.99 $0.99

Former shops (Archived content)

Costume shop

Costume Shop.png

The Costume Shop ad on the main menu

Costume shop was the seventh and final tab of the store where several shop-exclusive plant costumes were sold for gems. While the prices varied from one costume to another, most of the costumes cost 10 gems. Costumes bought were only kept for the current profile for the player hence could not be shared. Unlike other costumes in the game, every costume sold here had a unique name and description tag. When a costume was bought here, the plant automatically wore that costume. It could later be removed or replaced from the Almanac or Seed Selection Menu. Some costumes sold in this shop could not be obtained in any other way. There were nine exclusive costumes in the store. Costumes were not limited and could be bought anytime the player wished to. Also, some normally-obtainable costumes were sold. This tab was removed in update 5.7.1 and costumes could no longer be purchased in the store, but since update 6.5.1 costumes can be purchased with coins or gems in the fresh picks shop; these change every 24 hours.

Sprout shop

Sprout Shop.png

Sprout shop was the fourth tab of the store where plant sprouts could be bought for the Zen Garden using gems. There were five different deals for sprouts. Sprouts bought were only available for the usage of player's current profile thus cannot be shared with other accounts.

Although the sprout shop is no longer available in the store, quick sprout shop accessible from the Zen Garden still has it.



  • Before March 11, 2015, there were only four tabs under the store; coins, plants, upgrades, and bundles. With the introduction of gems, options were increased since gems can be used to buy costumes, sprouts and some plants.
    • Before this change, the tabs lacked symbols and only the names of the shop were written.
  • After Toadstool's release, the colors for each tab, while in the same location, feature different sections, so the following occurs:
    • Plants are where coins used to be;
    • Costumes are where gems used to be;
    • Bundles are where plants used to be;
    • Upgrades are where sprouts used to be;
    • Gems are where upgrades used to be;
    • Coins are where bundles used to be;
    • Sprouts are where costumes used to be.